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  1. This might seem like a stupid question but how do you go about writing/playing your own cadenza? I've jut got John Golland's Rhapsody No.1 For Eb Horn to play and there are two free cadenza passages for the soloist to play.

    Just wondered how I'd go about putting something together?
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    There are a couple of methods, one of which the composer would approve of and the other maybe not:

    1. Use ideas from within the movement/piece as a basis for little improvisations, Take a theme and play around with it for a minute or two. If the movement has a 'big theme' you can use this, but try to show off a bit in your improvising (doubling, tripling, roulades etc)
    2. Cobble together bits and pieces from your repertoire, which may or may not be by the composer of the piece, incorporate well-known tunes or tunes the audience might be familiar with again, putting an emphasis on showing off your skill.
    Whatever you do, it should show your ability off to its best advantage. That's usually what the composer put it there for.
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    Another thing that might be helpful would be to get hold of some recordings of classical repertoire with similar instances of "free" cadenzas, and listen to how other players have gone about writing their own cadenzas. The Haydn and Hummel trumpet concertos offer good examples to start with.