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  1. x9ret

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    Hi everyone,

    Recently I've posted several free play-along accompaniment tracks on YouTube, with sheet music displayed on the video. They are great for practicing & more fun than just playing along with a metronome!

    They are transcriptions of the baroque / classical period and have been submitted for private practice purposes only, aimed at intermediate to advanced trumpet players.

    However many of these have Bb or Eb sheet music, thus can be attempted by brass band instruments too.

    The fastest growing video is my arrangement of "The Flight of the Bumblebee" at 170 bpm, which has Sheet music in Bb thus is suitable for most brass band instruments including cornet and euphonium.

    Finally I have also uploaded a new playlist of sample accompaniments. Full versions may be released when I get a very good number of subscribers, view, likes and... nice comments ;)

    Also if you have any suggestions of play-along videos you'd like me to create (from public domain music only) drop me a private message and I can add to my to-do list.
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  2. x9ret

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    I've added two more YouTube videos for "The Flight of the Bumblebee" :

    Slow practice tempo 85 bpm
    Virtuoso tempo 204 bpm

    Have fun!
  3. x9ret

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    In my online download shop there are also now SIX full version trumpet play along mp3 & pdf solo sheet music downloads for :-
    • Telemann Trumpet Concerto in D major
    • Telemann Trumpet Sonata in D major
    • Handel's Messiah (complete: 5 movements)
    • Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria
    • Bach's Agnus Dei (great for flugel solo)
    • Vivaldi Concerto for Trumpet, Violin and Strings

    You can sample these play-alongs from my youtube play list here. With XMAS20 discount code applied at checkout, you get 20% off the total if you buy 2 items or more before 1st December 2015. Thank you.
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  4. x9ret

    x9ret Member

    Also just added these trumpet play-alongs tracks to my shop :-
    • Concerto in D major Bach BWV972 / Vivaldi RV230
    • Concerto in D minor Marcello / Bach BWV974. Also a C minor version is included.
    • Handel's Let the Bright Seraphim HWV57
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  6. PeterBale

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    Links now out of date.
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