Frederick Hayes - Llanhilleth and Cinderford Bands

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    Query from Sian Mackey -

    My great-grandfather, Frederick James Hayes, conducted the Llanhilleth Brass Band in 1900. We know this as the band presented him with an engraved baton in December 1900. However, we don't know why he was given this, nor can we find any trace of the band in anybody's archives.

    Frederick Hayes moved to Llanhilleth from Cinderford between 1881 and 1891. Since he was already a bandsman when he arrived in Llanhilleth, we wonder whether he might have played with the Cinderford band...??

    His brother-in-law, William Francis Oliver, is listed on his marriage certificate as a "town bandsman". His birth place is given as Cinderford, although he was married in Bethnal Green, and it seems possible that he too may have been a member of the Cinderford Town Band.

    Does anyone know anything about the Llanhilleth Brass Band? Did the band enter the first brass band competition in 1900 at Crystal Palace?

    Any details at all would be very welcome!

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