Fred Muscrofts 83rd Birthday

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    Last Sunday at Kippax Bands monthly concert in Kippax Band Club we were privileged to have the company of Fred Muscroft on his 83rd Birthday.
    Fred has been a great friend to Kippax over the years, often "Depping" and prepared to help out in any cornet position
    Fred, who is an icon of the banding world, had to suffer a warm rendition of "Happy Birthday" from Band and audience which he then toasted with a celebratory whiskey !
    Fred now lives close to Kippax Bandroom and often comes along to rehearsals.
    Happy Birthday Fred.
    - Wilky
  2. robcornet

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    Here here well said know Fred very well from when he played for Driffield Silver Band. Fantastic cornet player even now aged 83. We all miss him in the band, but glad to hear he's still going to a band room. I bet he still plays. He's not supposed to be drinking whiskey though!!!!!!!!!

    Wish him happy birthday from Driff band for us when you see him again.
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    Very happy 83rd. birthday Fred. This brings back some very happy memories from the time when Fred was Cornet soloist, and Vic Saywell, Euphonium soloist with the Scots Guards Band, where they were both Sergeants. Somewhere in my music archives I still have a reel-to-reel recording of a radio broadcast when Fred played Hora Staccato and Vic was featured on Largo Al Factotum, from the Barber of Seville.

    Vic, of course, came from a well-known Salvation Army family and his father, Adjutant Saywell, was a good friend of my parents in Sunderland. He recorded two Euphonium Salvation Army Solos, The Warrior, on Regal Zonophone MF300 and 'Twas A Very Happy Day (written for cornet) on MF301, both in 1941. Full details of these are shown on my website under the section 78RPM Records Salvation Army.

    Both were brilliant players.