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    I came across the announcement of Fred's passing only today (25th Sept 2008) and would like to add my tribute to him, albeit belatedly.
    I joined the Scot's Guards Band as an 18 year old cornet player in 1958 and was absolutely mesmerised by the playing of Fred. The Director of Music, Lt. Col Sam Rhodes, would call on Fred to play some difficult part of some other instrument to give those players a clear indication of how he wanted the music played. Fred was never phased. He simply played the passage perfectly. For 'Sam' to have such confidence in a musician was the stuff of legends!
    Listening to him play Napoli was an education in itself. 50 years on, I still treasure the influence of playing on the same section. He encouraged me to play better than I thought I could. Musically, he was head and shoulders above we youngsters who joined the band but he set a standard we wanted to try to achieve. That none of us did is a testimony to Fred's extraordinary gift.
    I am grateful to have known him as a musician but just as importantly as a man.

    Malcolm Westwood
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