Frans Violet welcomes new faces in Willebroek

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    New faces in Willebroek

    After the succesfull Belgian National Championships, Brass Band Willebroek is glad to welcome some new faces to the band for the coming year 2006.

    On BBb bass, Ruben Vanveggel will join the band. Ruben is a known player in the Belgian brass band world, as he gained already a lot of experience playing for Brass Band Limburg, the Noord-Limburgse Brass Band and Brass Band Midden-Brabant. Recently he has been helping out Brass Band Buizingen and he also plays BBb bass in fanfare band "Kempenbloei" Achel. He will replace Bernd Van Echelpoel, who was recently appointed as tubaplayer in the “Holland Symfonia” symphonic orchestra of Amsterdam.

    The band also had to say goodbye to Annick Geerts (baritone). She will be replaced by the highly talented youngster Nick Vermeiren, who is streaming through from Young Brass Band Willebroek.

    Finally the band welcomes Wouter Loose on the bass trombone. Wouter currently is the bass trombonist of the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides. During the national championships, Wouter already replaced Peter Van Gorp, who couldn’t participate because of illness. Peter will continue with the band on the 2nd trombone from New Year on.

    BBW renders thanks to all leaving musicians for their engagement and enthousiasm in all those years and wishes their succeeders lots of pleasure in the band.

    Concert with cheese and wine

    A first opportunity to hear the newcomers, will be at the "Concert with Cheese and Wine" on January 15th in the "Gemeentelijke Feestzaal" in Willebroek. This concert will feature both BBW and Young BBW, with a program of light classical and entertaining music, combined with an excellent choice of cheeses and wines to be tasted by the audience (more information and reservations: Stijn Berbé or Raf Van Looveren.)
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