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  1. GJG

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    Very sad news - just heard that Frank Rawbone passed away earlier this week. I am sure many tMP-ers (both SA & non-SA) will have had some contact with Frank over the years. We at The Egham Band were privileged to have worked with Frank for some years, in his capacity as associate MD.

    Funeral will take place next Wedsneday 9th Feb. at the Salvation Army Hall, Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey. It is hoped that a composite band will be formed for the event, made up of players who knew Frank and would like to pay tribute in this way. If you are able to attend, and intend to bring an instrument, please could you contact John Gillespie at

  2. Straightmute

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    This is sad news, though Frank had been ill for some time. I had the please of working with 'the Guru' at Alder Valley and though we didn't always see eye to eye I can honestly say that I've met very few conductors who could work such miracles with the sound of a band.

    Thanks for everything Frank.

  3. Brian Bowen

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    The last time I heard of Frank, he was living in NZ. How long has he been back in the UK?
  4. GJG

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    Not sure. At least 8-10 years that I know of, probably longer.

  5. kiwiposaune

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    I think Frank had probably been back in the UK for more than 15 years. I originally moved to NZ in '87 and I'm reasonably sure (could be wrong) that he'd already gone back.

    My father-in-law played in Frank's Newton Citadel Band for his entire tenure and he assures me that Frank was, indeed, a legend. I've heard numerous recordings made while he conducted that band and they were a world class SA band. Within a few years of his leaving they were very ordinary and by around 2000 they were no more - very sad.

    I know quite a few guys who played with Frank - some loved him, some certainly didn't, but to a man they would have done anything for him. Not a bad record.
  6. Unregistered

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    \just a thought

    What do you think about a Whitsun/Easter gathering, Brass banding for the prestige of a great performance of a sacred score, no prize, no prestige, just the honour of a great musical performance in the name of our Lord. I have the venue and the energy to make this a possibility. Frank (Rawbone) would have thought this was a good idea as long as the intonation was spot on! Let me know if you think this may be a posibility J. ( Maybe we could ask a notable composer of our time to turn out a piece worthy of our endeavours... True banding for the great unsung heroes of our movement. A mouthpiece for the lower sections, after all there is no music as powerful as that sounded in the name of our supreme Band Master...

  7. hipsmann

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    Very sad to hear about the loss of a great musician and conductor. I remember when he conducted what was then Ealing Brass. The "Tardis" of a metronome and tuner still scares me to the day. Forthose of you who don't know what I mean he had a great big triangular shape tuner which was about fifty times the size of tuners today but he knew how to make a band sound properly and play together. A great loss
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    I had the pleasure of winning a contest and having lots of learning of this man when I was with St . Albans City band where he bought me a baratone which would gave my playing a richer sound. ... He left there and I followed and then he had a minor stroke at practice and had to goto the hospital I only saw him a couple of times after that but I often wondered what happened and I will miss him as am sure quiet a few still do.....steven fry-smith
  9. John Brooks

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    I knew of Frank Rawbone by reputation and not as a player. I remember being taken as a young boy, 60-plus years ago, to S.A. events at Clapton Congress Hall where I first saw him as bandmaster of Chalk Farm Band. My parents also frequently took me to see the CF band on their open air meetings; crowded events in those days. I'm sure it was this exposure that has kept his name in my memory all these years. My condolences to his family.

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