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    Hi all

    I am trying to find out the names and composers of test pieces played in the fourth section at the regional championships between 1984 and 1995. I played in the L&SC and can remember some of the names like English Folk Songs Suite (Vaughan Williams) and Little Maids, but not when they were played.

    Can anyone help, please?

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    Hi, Philip.

    A quick internet search has thrown up a couple of 'work-in-progress' projects, but nothing going back that far. What you might like to try is getting a list of the L&SC winners from here and either checking out the websites of the relevant bands, or making contact with the secretaries, to see if they've kept a record of their winning performance.

    Have you contacted the L&SC organisers to see if they have kept records?
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    The SBBA have a list on their site here which covers area test pieces back to 1959.

    They also have a list of Scottish Championship results dating back to 1885 with complete contest details.

    quote from another thread:

    Good stuff SBBA! :):clap:
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    Bookmarked!!! :tup
  5. 2009 : The Talisman, Frank Hughes
    2008 : Four Cities Symphony - Rodney Newton
    2007 : The Seasons, Philip Wilby
    2006 : Anglian Dances, Alan Fernie
    2005 : Divertimento, Brian Kelly
    2004 : Partita, Edward Gregson
    2003 : Lydian Pictures, S. Dobson
    2002 : Suite in Bb, G. Jacob
    2001 : Sinfonietta Pastorale, H. Gheel
    2000 : The Haslemere Suite, P. Graham
    1999 : Indian Summer, E. Ball
    1998 : Solemn Melody & Scenes From A Comedy
    1997 : Pennine Moors, D. Barry
    1996 : Mexican Fiesta, R. Hammer
    1995 : Little Suite For Brass No. 1, Malcolm Arnold
    1994 : The Journeymen, Ray Steadman-Allen
    1993 : Impromptu, Eric Ball
    1992 : The Seafarers, Bruce Fraser
    1991 : Four Fors for Brass, William Relton
    1990 : Summer Fantasy, Kees Schoonebeek
    1989 : Suite For Brass, Mike Davis
    1988 : Stantonbury Festival, R. Steadman-Allen
    1987 : Overture To Youth
    1986 : Four Impressions For Brass, William Relton
    1985 : A Malvern Suite, Philip Sparke
    1984 : Divertimento, Brian Kelly
    1983 : 1st Suite in Eb, Gustav Holst arr. Sydney Herbert
    1982 : Excelsior, Ronal Hanmer
    1981 : Fantasy For Brass Bands, Bramwell Wiggins
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    Thank you all very much :)
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