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  1. I see the publishers for 'an English pastorale' have made the score available online as a pdf with a watermark across it. I was wondering if anyone at Blackpool this weekend will see many people in the fourth section audience with a printout rather than buying the fairly cheap study score? I suspect there is a lesson for other publishers to follow.

    interested to see what happens in Blackpool.
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    How will you distinguish those who are using a printout instead of buying a score from those who wouldn't have bought a score at all?
  3. Fair point. No clue. Just wondered if the publisher really looses out by being rather kind on their website
  4. PeterBale

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    Personally, I think I'd still go for the study score rather than have all the rigmarole of collating the pdf version.
  5. So would I. So why don't more publishers not make the score available for free? Giving out half a solo cornet part is a bit sad.
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    They could gain, in the longer term. New visitors to their website, plus a lot of goodwill, which can go a long way!