Fountain City Brass Band 3-6-2008

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    Fountain City Brass Band “Brass In Concert”
    White Hall (UMKC)
    7:30 pm
    Tuesday, June 3
    Tickets: $10/$8 and available at, by calling 816.235.6222 or at the door.
    It’s hard to define the difference one year can make. When a person’s life can be changed instantly by an event or epiphany, one single year can be viewed as an eternity. For a parent, the same length of time may bear witness to changes so dramatic in the development of their child that it feels more like a day. From an everyday perspective, students move up another academic level, or graduate, while birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, liturgical observances, and all matters both sacred and secular run their yearly course.

    Most of us will take a moment for personal reflection on a given year around the end of December, with the impending approach of yet another January 1st. Then there are those who will wait until the academic year winds down in May. Such is the case with Kansas City’s own Fountain City Brass Band.

    And what a year it has been.

    One year ago, Kansas City Star writer Paul Horsley heard the band for the first time. He followed with a Sunday edition article (“Sounding Brass, Tinkling Cymbal,” May 13, 2007), claiming the Fountain City Brass Band was “…one of the best brass bands in the country.” In one year’s time, the band whose namesake hails from their home city’s secondary and decorative title has an announcement for its fellow residents: Kansas City’s Fountain City Brass Band IS the best brass band in the United States.

    When Horsley wrote one year ago, the Fountain City Brass Band (FCBB) had received their first national title. After returning to New Albany, Indiana in 2008, they now own their second North American Brass Band Championship title, successfully defending their 2007 first-place finish.

    One year ago, the US Open title had remained elusive. Today, the 2007 US Open title belongs to the FCBB, after a smashing victory in Arlington Heights, Illinois last November. They plan to return in November 2008.

    Horsley also mentioned in 2007 that the band was making its way to England to compete in the British Masters competition last spring. It was the first international competition for the FCBB. More importantly, it marked the first time a US brass band had ever been invited. The result? A 9th place finish, with nineteen bands competing overall. One week later, in Saddleworth’s Whit Friday competition, a remarkable FCBB progression took place in four performances: 24th place, 14th place, 7th place, and by evening’s conclusion, a 5th place finish in Dodsworth.

    Many would view this as quite enough for one band in one year’s time. They would be right, but the story marches on, with plans for FCBB concerts as invited performers at the 18th Annual Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville, Kentucky in June 2008, and a July/August set aside for the review of some 250 recorded tracks for the band’s debut CD in late 2008. There’s another invitation to be accepted for their second international competition, one that some believe the FCBB can win. Add to this marvelous year the establishment and success of the Fountain City Youth Band Academy and related Brass Expositions, and the newly announced alliance between the FCBB and the brand new Bell Center performance hall at MidAmerica Nazarene University (more about those items soon), and the difference one year can make becomes staggering indeed!

    In the year that has followed Horsley’s article, the FCBB has grown much like that young child in the eyes of a caring parent. Where has the year gone for the FCBB? Straight up, and with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

    Please join the FCBB in their 2007/2008 season finale on Tuesday, June 3rd.

    Source: FCBB

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at UMKC's White Hall.

    Tickets are $10/$8 and available at, by calling 816.235.6222 or at the door.

    The program for the evening is:

    Where Eagles Sing Cooper
    In Perfect Peace Norbury
    Tuba Concerto (mvt. III) Gregson
    Tom Stein, tuba
    Gaelforce Graham
    Reunion and Finale from Gettysburg Edelman/Duncan


    Festmusik Stadt Wien Strauss/Banks
    Finale from Symphony No. 4 Tchaikovsky/Broadbent
    She Aznayour/Kretzmer/Power
    Alan Wenger, cornet
    I Will Follow Him Stole/Roma/PlanteRichards
    Trombone Section Feature
    America and Somewhere (West Side Story) Bernstein/Crees
    Kansas City Leiber/Stoller/Schutza