Found a mouthpiece/Lost a Baton?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Drew, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Drew

    Drew New Member

    During the First Section Regional Contest at Blackpool I left my mouthpiece (JK Exclusive 2AA - Transparent Plexiglass) in the changing room behind the Ballroom.

    The nice people from B ollington Band very kindly handed it into the Registration desk however when it come to the end of the competition it wasn't there!

    I've been in contact with the appropriate authorities who do recall seeing the mouthpiece, but do not have it in their possession anymore!

    If anyone knows anything about it or may have just seen it lying around please get in touch since not only was it quite expensive it takes nearly a month to import a replacement.

    While looking for my mouthpiece I did find an old baton with a wooden handle and an inscription on it. It does seem that it's quite valuable to someone, so if anyone has any idea please do not hesitate to contact me, thanks.

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  2. mikelyons

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    Hi, Drew.

    Your mouthpiece was definitely on the registering table when we went in to play (No 5) I can't vouch for its whereabouts after that I'm afraid. It was pointed out to me by one of my band because I play a Clear Blue Kelly mouthpiece and some of the kids in Old Hall were asking me about it.

    It was on the end of the table near where the 'next' band sat before going in so anyone could have had it, really. :(
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  3. Drew

    Drew New Member

    I've since had a response from the very helpful ladies who were attending to the registration desk, and they advised me that a member of the Freckleton Band came and claimed the mouthpiece.

    Now this person (they think may have been called Stuart), thought it belonged to a member of their band, and was going to pass it on to the relavant person.

    I can completely understand how this kind of mix up can take place since these mouthpieces are becoming more and more popular so if anyone from Freckleton could let me know I'd appreciate it.


    P.S. I've still not heard anything regarding this very nice (although slightly woren) baton.

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