Forthcoming Brett Baker cd: "Faith Encounter"

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    The Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army have just completed the recording of a
    new CD together with Brett Baker. Brett will be featured on the CD playing a
    variety of solos including "Faith Encounter" by Ray Steadman-Allen, "Flourish
    for Trombone" by Kevin Norbury, Robert Redhead's "Whisper a Little Prayer", Kurt
    Weill's "My Ship" arranged by Barrie Forgie and a new solo penned by Howard
    Evans, who is the bandmaster at Boscombe, "The Iona Boat Song".

    The band's contributions include Bruce Broughton's "Variations on Nicely Saved",
    an arrangement of "Ellacombe" by Bill Himes and "In this Quiet Moment" from the
    pen of Ivor Bosanko. Brett also joins with the band's trombone section to play
    an arrangement of "From that Sacred Hill" by Dick Krommenhoek. The CD, which
    will be titled "Faith Encounter", should be available later in the summer.
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    He's also recorded a double CD with his Black Dyke co-principal Paul Woodward called 'In Shining Armour' plus another one with a European brass band whose name escapes me just now.
    Both of these should be ready for the International Trombone Festival in Birmingham in July.
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    In Shining Armour is now available as is Crusade which Brett has recorded with Brass Band de Wâlsang.
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