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  1. tromwinst

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    Hi all,

    I'm really wanting my band to enter a competition that it is abroad, just to do something different. Can anyone give me the names or links for competitions abroad?

    We are based in the North West and even comps which are in Cornwall and as far afield as that would be great

    Thanks :)
  2. Ian Close DCB

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    French Open

    French Open Brass Band Championships - Held in June in the City of Kings, Amboise. Information from AAAB, 48 Rue Rabelais, 37400 Amboise, Loire, France, or Fred Rhodes Tel: +44 (0) 161 620 3199

    Well worth entering they absolutely love British Bands and you will be made very welcome:D
  3. chrisjohnston

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    Link to The World Music Festival Kerkrade, done this one some years ago, many UK bands have been its a cracker
  4. tromwinst

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    That looks Fantastic!! Sadly I can't seem to find anything about 2010. We may have missed the deadline by now. Looks like it could be quite an expensive trip. Roughly how much did it cost your band to go?
    Looks a great weekend tho!!
  5. chrisjohnston

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    It was some time ago, 1974 to be precise! went with Camborne town band from Cornwall came back world music festival champions!!! Dyke and many others have been since and there are lower sections too! we went by bus and stayed with UK forces stationed there, so it was only the cost of the Coach and ferry etc. Its well worth the trip! we saw some fantastic musical combinations as well as some very good brass bands, used to be every 4 years but bands from USA and everywhere go there!
  6. Jan H

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    As Chris said, the WMC is only held once every 4 years, the next one is in 2013. Halfway between two "WMC's", there is also a "Mini-WMC". The next one is in 2011. It used to be only for Championship section wind and fanfare orchestras, but next year also championship section brass bands would be allowed, I believe.

    There are not as many brass band contests in the BeNeLux as in the UK. The only contest in Belgium that is open to foreign bands is the Flemish Open in Mechelen. It is held once every two years: The format has changed a bit. This year, the bands have to play a 25 or 30 minute program, including a short set piece, a chosen test piece and any other chosen pieces to fill the time. Adjudication is open, so you can already find the own choice programs on the website.

    In the Netherlands there is an open entertainment contest called "Eurobrass":

    The various Flemish and Dutch band associations also organise "grading contests" in which you may be allowed participate "out of competition", but I don't think that is what you are looking for....
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    We did this last year and we are based in the north west too. It was a bit of a trek about 14 hours (stuck in traffic around paris for 2 hours) but when we got their it was an awesome weekend. The 3 different parts of the contest are good and the atmosphere is very laid back. I could totally recommend doing this contest!
  10. bannisa

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    Agree. I did it with Aveley & Newham a few years back. It is a great trip. Very relaxed, great atmosphere. There is an entertainments section, a march contest and test piece. It was scorching hot when we were there, great setting and atmosphere.

    Andrew Bannister
    Assistant Principal Cornet
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band
  11. DublinBass

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    US Open Brass Band Championships is the first Saturday in November (near Chicago)

    North American Brass Band Championships is usually in April (rotates location)

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