For the trombonist who has everything…….

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  1. CasparBone

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    T BONE car registration number


    On retention certificate. Once owned, you just need to pay a £25 DVLA fee to assign it to your car or put the certificate in your name. I'll send certificate registered post for free upon clearance of funds. This can go on any vehicle registered after 1999. Reg number is T80NEA. Plates not included. I bought this but then bought a '97 Land Rover and so can't use it - doh !.

    £350 o.n.o.

    Call Carl on 07010 050251 if you're interested (no texts ta)

  2. simonium

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    I expect it looks just as good with legal spacing.
  3. CasparBone

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    It looks good with any spacing but this is my preferred. :D
  4. CasparBone

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    A real trombonist wouldn't really give a f***. You must be a horn player !
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    Penicillin perhaps?