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    In "Brassed Off" Danny professes all the way through to care only for music. I don't quite go this far, but I do get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from my banding. Is this one of reason for being tMP BOCs so we can extend our passion.
  2. yonhee

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    Brassed off is ace kinda depressing an upseting in places but still its ace.
    If you got any that.
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    Does anything you post ever make any sense ????
  4. yonhee

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    who me?Of course not you mad or what?
    ;) :D
  5. First post

    Eyup yonhee! Look at me posting :D
    As for brassed off, ****** excellent film! Unfortunately I can quote much of it whilst watching! Lol. That film reminds me why i want to be in a brass band when it all seems too difficult. Love it.

  6. yonhee

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    I dont get the top half only bit wot does it mean yes im dense but im also 13 so im allowed to be :D ;)
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    Give it two or three years...;)
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    wots that ment to mean?
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    Erm ive figures out what it means now kind of