For Sale: Yamaha Maestro Soprano Cornet - YCR 6610ST (with case).

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    Item description:

    This is an absolute beauty of an item! This is a top of the line used Yamaha Maestro Eb (E flat) Soprano Cornet, model number YCR 6610ST (Bright Silver Plate) with a serial number of 001022.
    This beautiful cornet in longer lasting, and cosmetically superior silver plate featuring the exquisite double shepherds crook design is a professional standard instrument and would suit a serious player seeking a new Sop, or an excellent cornet player looking to add another string to their bow. It sounds superb when in the right hands (not my Baritone playing ones!) and any tuning problems are easily rectified thanks to the 1st and 3rd valve triggers - a real godsend for those exposed Sop solos. Intonation is good and you can get real volume without distortion.
    The valves are light and quick and in excellent condition (see photo). The slides are all free and move with ease, 1st and 3rd valve triggers are effortless and return to normal position instantly. The tuning slide moves very freely and is locked in position well by the tightening screw. The two spit valves have a tight seal and the springs are in excellent condition. The valve tops are all freely unscrewed when required and can be taken apart completely for cleaning. The screws connecting the triggers to the slides are free moving as are the spit valve screws.
    This is a second hand Soprano that has been played for many years in our band, who bought it from new. It has some minor silver plating wear where it is held. There are some blemishes on the front of the valve block and small section on the back of the valve block where the non-valve hand rests on the block - see photographs. The trigger levers both have small wear spots where the fingers have rested on them, although obviously non of these marks can be seen when the cornet is held. There are a few dings and small dents on the bell shepherds crook but these are small and barely noticable. There are a few light scratches in the bell as a result of putting a mute in.
    The first valve slide has been repaired and re-soldered at some stage, as has the 1st valve trigger, but these now work perfectly and the work is not too noticable - please see photos.
    The Sop comes with the original Yamaha high quality fitted case, in great condition (minor scratches only) with space for two mouthpieces, mutes and music. There is no mouthpiece included in this item as I am sure that you will wish to choose your own size and shape.
    This model of cornet - now made WITHOUT the 1st slide trigger that this model has, has an RRP of £1,439.00, although they can be picked up for £1,099.00 and delivery ( - near the bottom) - provided the seller can find one to sell! If it costs that much for a new cornet without a 1st valve trigger - then whoever gets this cornet will have themselves a real bargain. These Yamaha Sopranos are very rare - but this model - with both triggers - is even moreso.
    This cornet is being sold from the City of Birmingham Brass Band as it is no longer being played (our Sop player has his own) and we are looking to buy some new equipment. Postage will be by special delivery or the cornet can be collected by the winning bidder. This is a high quality item - if you want any more specific photos or details - please do not hesitate to contact me through the "Ask seller a question" link.
    Check out our band website:
    Happy bidding :)
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    Its getting there now - almost at the reserve - still a real bargain price though.

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