Sold/Expired For Sale: Various mouthpieces and accessories

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by TrumpetNick, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Antalya, Turkey
    I am selling various mouthpiece for trumpet (both used and new), oils for valves and grease for slides due to shut down of my brass store.

    1. Vincent Bach 3C - New, silver. Price: € 40

    2. Vincent Bach 3C - New, silver. Price: € 40

    3. Vincent Bach 3 - New, silver. Price: € 40

    4. Vincent Bach 1-1/2С - New, silver. Price: € 40

    5. Vincent Bach 1-1/2С - New, silver. Price: € 40

    All above mouthpieces are engraved with small letters.

    6. Schagerl 3С - New, silver. Bach clone. Price:€ 25

    7. Denis Wick MM 1.5C - New, silver. Price: € 40

    8. Denis Wick 1C - New, silver. Price: € 35

    9. Custom Vincent Bach 1 1-2C (backbore 87), gold. Used for 2-3 years, mint condition with minor signs of wear (mostly insertions marks on the throat). Price: €45



    10. Vincent Bach 1 1-2C, silver. used. Used for 5 years. Visible insertion wear, *Bore has been slightly harmed by a drop on the floor but it doesn't have a major influence on playability: Price: € 20


    11. Мундщук за тромпет Vincent Bach 3C, стандартен. Използван около 5 години, нормални признаци на износване, добре запазен. Цена: 50лв


    12. No brand flugelhorn mouthpiece. Probably made by J. Michael, Japan. Unused, minor plating defect in the cup. Price: € 15

    13. 11АХ for picc, mint condition, insertion marks. Price: € 25

    14. Trumpet mute Denis Wick Straight Aluminium, mint condition. Price: € 25.

    15. Roche Thomas Mi-T-Mist, 60ml. Price: € 10

    16. Valve oil La Tromba T2 Special. *Price € 4 (stock 5 items; 5 for € 20)

    17. Slide and cork grease La Tromba (big pot) €3 (stock 7 items; 7 for € 20)

    18.Slide and cork grease La Tromba (small pot) €1.50(stock - 4 ; 4 for *€5 )

    19. Trumpet Mute Denis Wick Алуминиум Straight, New.Price € 30.

    20. Valve Ultra-Pure professional Oil, 59ml. *Price € 5 (stock~250. discount available for large quantities)

    I will ship anywhere for purchases over € 100. Buyer pays the shipping. If you need a photo of a different item than the above attached, please PM me. Number of messages is limited for one post which is why I didn't put all the available images.
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