For sale sovereign 928 cornet mint condition

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tommytrumpet, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    I have a Besson Sovereign 928 Large bore cornet for sale. Pictures to follow.

    It has a lacquer finish and has a rose brass bell.

    I recently had this cornet fully overhauled so it is like new.

    Valves are great and compression is perfect. The cornet has been ultrasonic cleaned so all the pipes are free from dirt and limescale.

    The best thing is it plays great, better than those lottery funded ones. Both triggers are very responsive. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks
    Item location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  2. astreet83

    astreet83 Member

    How much?
  3. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

  4. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    To buy new the best price I can find is around £1600.
    So I am asking £1200. I am open to offers though. There are a few incredibly small blemishes on the bell which couldn't be removed. These are marks left from dints and are in the metal itself which would have compromised the quality of the bell if they were ground down. Thanks
  5. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    More Pictures

  6. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    Even more Pictures. it only lets me do 5 at a time

  7. Blower

    Blower Member

    Looks in really good condition but will be very surprised if you get £1,200 for it, reckon £750 tops you'd be doing well. They really don't hold much value, or rather over priced to start with!

    Good luck
  8. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    I agree they are overpriced which is why I am open to offers. I'll sell it to you if you want.
  9. Fern

    Fern New Member

    Hi, is the cornet still for sale? if so how old is it? and why are you selling it?
    Thanks x
  10. tommytrumpet

    tommytrumpet Member

    Cornet now sold.thanks
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