FOR SALE - Shilke Eb Soprano Cornet (Beryllium Bell)

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    I am selling a Shilke Eb Soprano Cornet with Beryllium Bell. The instrument is just over 10 years old, but still in very good condition. It plays as well as it ever has done, sounds brilliant and the valves and slides are still fantastic - pretty much as good as they were new. There are a few small dents and scratches but nothing major. The silver plating is wearing in a few places (principally around the slides, on the bell by the finger hook, and also at points on the valve casing). The silver plating has worn away at one point on the second valve casing (picture below), but that can be masked with a leather valve case.

    There is no case (the instrument was sold new without one and I have used my Bb case for it).

    I am selling because I have moved over to the new Stomvi Titan Soprano cornet.

    Photos are below. Please PM me for more details or to make an offer.

    I am based in Suffolk but willing to travel a moderate distance if needed to conclude a sale.

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  2. ibrox

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    How much are you looking for?
  3. cornishgiant

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    WOuld like to hear what you think of the Stomvi Sop - have lusted after one for some time now!!
  4. Soppy

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    In case anyone is wondering, this is still available for sale. Asking price is now £1300 although I am always open to offers.
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    Would you accept £1,000 ?
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    Is it still available ?