For Sale : Set of Band Uniforms/Walking Out Jackets

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by TUBAWAY ARMY, Jul 9, 2008.



    Kirkby in Ashfield. Nottingham
    Hi there everyone,

    Following the unfortunate demise of Riddings Band last year, a meeting was held by the trustees of the band last night, whereupon the Instruments, uniforms, assorted equipment and music library were discussed. (See here for instruments, music stands, mutes, music etc)

    It was decided that the uniforms be sold off.

    There are 24 ( more be be unearthed) Red concert jackets with black collars and cuffs with gold trim, (made by Brayshaws so additional ones are easy to obtain). The trustees are looking to raise in the region of £1000 for these but offers are welcome and they can all be viewed.

    Also there are the same number of green walking out jackets with Riddings Band embroided on the pocket. This could easily be covered by a badge. Once again these are all ready for viewing if anyone out there is interested and offers would be welcomed. Affordability of interested organisations WILL be taken into account.

    Anyone interested in any of the above, please contact me initially by PM or e-mail on
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