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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sparkling_quavers, Sep 8, 2004.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for people to post items they are selling on ebay that might be of interest to other tmpers.

    Here's our list:

    We are going to be selling a good number of CDs on ebay over the next few weeks. There aren't currently any band ones but there is a mixture of classical, pop, folk and film soundtracks. A large number will be added soon.
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    That just reminded me - the brand new H2G2 radio series starts on radio 4 at 6:30 tonight - see:

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    Grumph! I'm still waiting on a reply from a seller about P&P costs after winning an auction for a mouthpiece. Tried sending him mail via ebay and has been returned x3. Odd thing is, ... I have discovered who he is and that he is a BIG celebrity player who regularly plays worldwide, conducts many bands and now gets a lot of brass band adjudication jobs. What should I do? I have met him only a few times, and recommended that he makes a CD of his playing (which he did) but he would only recognise me P2P. Should I e-mail his regular address or wait? He's selling a lot of his and other's arrangements there at the moment.... but I think they may be linked to his duff email address.

    Apart from that, here's a rare find for brass memorabilia (if U can afford it)......
  6. ronnie_the_lizard

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    I would e-mail him directly - at the end of the day if he's trying to sell other stuff and e-mail's aren't getting through he's losing money +/- getting negative feedback (which is even worse!!).

    I'm sure as a *BIG* celebrity player/arranger/adjudicator he'll be able to take a little bit of criticism if its just that he's been too slow in replying.

    Alternatively you could send a message through e-bay's dispute resolution pathways (I assume there is the equivalent route for buyers to the "non-paying-bidder alert" for sellers.

    p.s. Not sure I want to fork out £3000 for a 27 piece Flugel......
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    Well, into my 3rd day waiting on this *BIG* (literally) star giving me (& possibly others) P&P costs to add to our ebay totals and 'return to sender' is name of the game. Did send an email to his website 'contact me' address, but no luck so far! Don't want to go the arbitration route yet, but I wish that he would have kept his listing simpler, with UK posting costs included. Thing is, I remember him listing an instrument that got flight-damaged (crushed bell and lower bow) a while back. He could have sent that back to his sponsors in my opinion. Shucks, it's only another mouthpiece after all!
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    I find it's best to be patient when dealing with ebay transactions. There's all sorts of reasons why people may be unable to access email etc, so I wouldn't panic yet.
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  12. brassneck

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    WooHooo! Received my brand new mouthpiece ($71 incl. P&P from Arizona in .... 4 days!!!). But, I'm still waiting on Mr. UK Celeb. player/conductor/adjudicator's P&P details for his item I won on ebay!!!! Noticed that all his other items (mainly his published sheet music for band) has been withdrawn for whatever reason.

    Other mouthpiece from ebay eventually paid (it was to his wife's 'e'-mailing address).
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    Well, my **** trumpet finally went for £21.00! That's £21 more than it's worth!

    However, the winning bidder isn't getting it and here's why (something for all you ebays to watch out for):

    On winning the item, he sends me an email saying that he is owed £4000 by a mate who will send me that £4000. All I have to do is send him £3650 once I've banked the cheque. He wanted the funds via Western Union.

    A clear scam I'm afraid - paying £320 over the bid price is a good starting point! Western Union is the next -no guarantees, no refunds if all goes pear shaped. Which of course it would some 2 weeks after banking the four grand, the fact that the bankers draft is invalid comes to light and I would have been out of pocket to the tune of £3650.

    Fortunately, I id my research and the next highest bidder gets the goods!

    I mention this here because he was trying this on a musical instrument - he may and try to do this to you too!
    The chap is Birmingham based (no name, I don't want a libel case!) so be on the watch!
    My general advice to all ebayers is to stick with PayPal - Western Union seems to have a history of being used by internet fraudsters - be very wary of anyone trying to direct you to them!
  15. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Just had a "personal cheque" payment from a USA purchaser made out to $8.00 to pay for their £8.00 paypal-only purchase! Still it's better than another "buyer" I have who has so far got a -4 feedback within a month of registering after bidding on loads of stuff but not paying for any of it.

    From a seller's perspective, especially if you are selling low-value items, Natwest's Freepay is better than Paypal since the buyer pays the fees directly.
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    For all of you former Salvation Army Youth Band members out there here's an LP record to savour.

    Includes one of Kevin Ashman's first recorded solo's - Golden Slippers (played on a cornet as well :D ).

    Double BBb playing is immaculate :)

    Well worth more than the £3.50 opening bid.

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    Had a clearout of my Grandad's loft. He wanted to throw loads of old things away. I said no, give them to me and I'll put them on ebay.

    Anyone interested in old kids annuals and things like that from late 50s to late 70s, I've just put loads on. also some old atlas and bible and household books

    Got some vinyl to put on there yet (mosly heavy metal) Just got to sort out what I want to keep.
  18. andywooler

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    oh yee of little faith!

    My nasty old trumpet will shortly be winging its way to Missouri where it's going to meet up with a garden water fountain from Home Depot.

    If the buyer sends me a photo, I'll post it for all to see!
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    International Staff Band polo shirt

    I've just posted an ISB polo shirt on Ebay.
    It's posted under my personal name because, would you believe, the worldofbrass username has already been taken!

    The item is a blue McForsum polo shirt with a red collar and ISB name and logo embroidered in grey on the left breast.
    About 30 of these were produced some 5 years ago but nothing was done with them. The box was found on a shelf a year or so ago and every member of the ISB at the time was given a shirt each.

    There were 2 size S left over and we've decided to sell them on Ebay.
    This listing is for the first one and the second shirt will be listed separately.

    Happy bidding!

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