For Sale: Miraphone Ambassador 7000 Compensating EEb Tuba

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    I am continuing my tuba escapade. I just recently purchased this magnificent horn. I wanted to learn EEb fingerings and hoped it would perfectly split the difference between a big contrabass tuba and an F tuba. It really does that very well. I have played in large concert bands and had no problems blending. Also works fantastic for upper register solo work.

    Unfortunately, my poor little brain does not appreciate the overload of trying to store BBb, CC, F, and EEb fingerings all together.

    I would like to go back to a CC or BBb and need to sell this horn to make my purchase.

    Comes with gig bag. I did remove the lower strap ring, which I think was a huge improvement, because it was digging into my side when holding the horn.

    Horn is located in Lexington, SC

    $5,750 plus shipping Ambassador Eb

    Email with any questions or for pictures.