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    I'm selling my London Musical Instruments Royal Tenor Horn. It was bought brand new in 2007 (made 20/11/06) and is in perfect condition (no dents or scratches, slides move freely, pretty much as new).
    It is silver plated with gold plated fittings (on the valves, 3 waterkeys etc., see photos). It also comes with 2 Denis Wick (no. 5) mouth pieces; one gold plated which is about 3 years old, the other is much older. It also comes in a hard case, with a cloth and some valve oil.
    I bought it because I wanted something similar to a Besson sovereign, but since Besson no longer exist I went with an LMI (as they were set up by people from Besson and B&H) which makes just as much (if not more so in my opinion) of a beautiful sound.

    Selling for £1550 (was bought for over £2000).
    Pick up (or postage at extra cost).

    Photos attached, any questions feel free to ask.

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    Whereabouts is the horn located?
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    Sorry about the slow reply, I've been away the past few days.
    At the moment it is in northampton, but willing to travel within reason. I will be at uni in Durham in september, so if that's closer I can take the horn with me.
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    Any offers/thoughts/comments?
  5. Well ...................... since you ask for thoughts / comments.

    I think although you paid over 2000 pounds for your LMI Horn, perhaps the price of a new yamaha neo is going to now govern what you may be able to reasonably expect. Of course I could be totally wrong and out of line. Appreciate hearing others opinions to either confirm mine of shoot it down.
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    Thanks. That's a totally valid comment. The last time I played in a band was a couple of years ago, so I've been out of the brass band scene for while, would you consider the Neo the market leader? I must confess I've never played a yamaha neo so I couldn't compare the two. I have played a yamaha maestro however, and I think the LMI is much better and it looks pretty cool too with the gold plated fittings.
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    I am open to offers if anyone is interested in this horn. Send me a PM.
  8. I was waiting for others to respond as I realise that my opinion is just that - mine. I was keen to hear what others thought. But yes, in my opinion the Neo is the market leader, closely followed by York (but twice the price) and the the Besson Prestige and then the Sovereign. Unsure where the LMI fits into that world .... but itr looks a pretty horn.

    Kindest regards

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    Still for sale!
  10. KKB10

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    Reduced to £1350 ono!
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    Still for sale?