For sale: KING DUO GRAVIS 6b TROMBONE, Immaculate condition.

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  1. sramix

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    IMG-00005.jpg IMG-00006.jpg IMG-00005.jpg IMG-00006.jpg IMG-00007.jpg IMG-00008.jpg IMG-00009.jpg IMG-00010.jpg Large bore, B flat, F and D double trigger bass.
    Mouthpieces: Denis Wick Gold-plated 3AL ; Vincent Bach 1G ; Vincent Bach 1 1/2 G
    Sheet music clip also present.
    Original hard case measuring: length 89cm, height 29cm, width at the bell 28cm.

    Immaculate condition throughout. 1 careful and discerning owner since new in 1973.

    Unique history due to the owner being ex-navy and the instrument has been played all over the world. It saw action in the Falklands conflict of 1982 aboard HMS Glamorgan. Memorable performances include venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Bremen Conservatorium, Sultan of Oman's palace, and many in India, Pakistan and Europe.

    The trombone is reluctantly offered for sale by me on behalf of a long-time friend and is available in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

    Truly a rare occasion to purchase this professional instrument as can be seen by the attached photos.

    Sensible offers are invited based upon £1500. Thanks for your interest.
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  2. Aled Wyn Davies

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    Is the instrument still for sale?
  3. sramix

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    Hi Aled. Yes, it's still for sale at present. My direct email is and phones are as follows: landline 01782 847566, mobile 07971 873361. I look forward to your contact. Kind regards, Brian Harper.
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    What condition are the inner slide stockings?
  5. sramix

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    They are in excellent condition. If the trombone is held with the slide extended and in an upper position, when the slide is released its descent is fully cushioned and smooth.
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  6. sramix

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    DEPOSIT TAKEN with thanks. This superb bass trombone is now off the market and SOLD to Mr Ronan Doherty.