For Sale: Conn 73H Double Plug Bass Trombone

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BTMbred, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. BTMbred

    BTMbred New Member

    I have a Conn 73H Bass Trombone for sale.

    9.5 inch Yellow bell (With engraving).

    Double Trigger (Dependant)

    Slide serviced.

    In hard case.

    Its been used professionally and shows signs of reasonable wear, but is in superb condition for its age.

    Triggers are fast and silent.

    Its a 1975 instrument, very rare and plays beautifully. This is one of the very last produced.

    Has second trigger extension and original so its Bb/F/D or Bb/F/E

    Im looking for around £1500 for her.

    New ones are at least 2x that money and this one is hand made and pre mass production.

    I can email photos.

    Send me a PM if your interested.

    Instrument is in London right now.

    It looks like this:


  2. Sailing51

    Sailing51 New Member

    Hi BB,

    I am currently looking for a bass trombone for my son. No idea how to send a PM so please e-mail me on

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