For Sale: Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign (Globe model) Tenor Horn

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    Boosey and Hawkes Sovereign Tenor Horn (Eb) with Globe stamp - Serial number 533274 – indicating it was made in 1973. (B&H Sovereign horns with the round globe stamp from 1970’s and early 80’s are regarded by many as legendary quality.)
    Silver plated. Good condition – Minor imperfections in plating and small dent on tubing, but all valves/slides and pads in perfect condition, and in original case Comes with Denis Wick mouthpiece no.3. Perfect for someone wishing to upgrade their horn playing. This instrument produces beautiful sounds and is a joy to play. I don’t play it enough anymore to justify still having one of this quality so am reluctantly selling!
    Newer (but inferior quality!) Besson sovereigns are going for over £1200 second-hand on various websites, but we consider offers around this figure.
    See here for pics

    Based in Dorking, Surrey.

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    Fully refurbished and replated models only go for about £1200, as sought after as your horn is, I don't think you will get £1200 for it. good luck
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    Huggie mi dear old tallented friend,
    It is a tad on the high side, BUT rare as rockin horse fodder!
    Note very old model (no water key on 3rd slide-like my old one :)) and never been messed about with, pure/original in every way! I would prefer it this way!
    You could always have the valves refurbed (if req) if secured at the right price! :cool:

    Fat Wallet :p