For Sale: Besson Sovereign Bb Cornet GS Large Bore £800

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    I have decided to sell my much cherished cornet as - putting it simply - it's not being used any more, and it's just sat there in the garage doing nothing when someone could be producing great sounds with it. It's the much sought after older large bore Bb B&S Besson Sovereign GS cornet, which I have owned this since new. It is around 17/18 or so years old, and is in top overall condition. The valves by the way (as are the case on all the older B&H GS models) are simply sublime.
    The cornet has been safely and securely stored but I noticed that the main tuning slide was a little stiff. I didn't want to force it out, so have left it as is - obviously not wanting to risk damaging it. I am sure a little release oil or valve oil will do the trick. I knew the instrument well and never had a need to amend the tuning slide.

    The valve triggers on 1st and 3rd slides each move smoothly, and the water keys on main slide and 3rd valve slide are air tight, are sprung well, and have their corks in place.

    It comes with its original case which has no stickers on it (nope - not even tMP ones either!!). I also provide a Silver Plated Dennis Wick 4B mouthpiece which to be honest, has seen very little use. I used a Lewington McCan mouthpiece all the time whilst I was playing and only used the Wick for a few weeks when I first had the instrument. It also has the original lyre, though I notice the screw has come out of the lyre (NB: not from the holder in the cornet, that's there!) - I am sure there's one in your bandroom eh! It's the screw that holds the head of the lyre (the bit that holds the music) to the lyre support.

    The serial number is: 928-GS-807094:

    Please feel free to contact me via PM on here, by email themusicman @ gmail dot com, or ask here for my mobile number which I will happily provide, and we can chat.


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