For Sale - Besson Sovereign 921 Globestamp Large Bore Bb Cornet

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  1. MattCr

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    For sale is my Besson Sovereign 921 "Globestamp" cornet. It has serial number 649xxx, which is believed to date from the early 1980s. These are becoming increasingly rare. All valves and removeable slides are stamped with the last three digits of the serial number. It has been in my possession since around 1992 although hasn't been used regularly since the late 90s.

    For its age it is in excellent condition, although some of the silver plating has worn away at various points where you hold the instrument. This could be cured by having it replated. There are a couple of minor dents that I have tried to show in the photos. The valve and slide action is excellent and it still plays very well. It comes with the case shown in the photos.

    The cornet is located in Cheshire, and is available for inspection. Additional photos can be emailed


    Also available is a barely used Yamaha Silent Brass system for trumpet/cornet. Price to be negotiated separately.

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. bathsop

    bathsop New Member

    Still for Sale?

    Is this still for sale? If so could I have some additional photos please?
    Many thanks, Mark
  3. MattCr

    MattCr New Member

    Hi Mark,

    Yes it's still for sale.

    PM me you email address and I'll get some more photos over to you.

  4. MattCr

    MattCr New Member

    Still for sale and open to sensible offers...
  5. Kchid

    Kchid New Member

    Hey Matt, I'm really interested in giving you a sensible offer. Could you please send some more photos including the valves.


    P.s. Will PM you my e-mail
  6. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    Have to be honest, with that much silver missing I'd be surprised if you get anywhere near £700 - the ones in mint condition rarely seem to top 8-900.
  7. MattCr

    MattCr New Member

    Item now sold. Many thanks to those who were interested in it and many thanks to the forum for the facility.