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    FOR SALE: BESSON SILVER SOVEREIGN 981 EEb Bass Tuba, late 80s/early 90s in fabulous condition and is a beautiful instrument. £2,950

    Mine is a Silver Sovereign EEb Bass 981 model in excellent condition. It has a few dings around the base but mainly out of view - there is one slightly bigger one but it is all fairly unnoticeable and doesn't affect the sound at all – see photos for a clear look at this lovely instrument.

    It will come with an excellent Phil Parker gig bag and the original hard case which has been through a few airports and in a few buses so isn't pristine but still perfectly serviceable and will be presented to you in a clean and tidy condition. Also supplied will be a full size mute and a Denis Wick 3L mouthpiece

    With all these extras and the lovely condition of this instrument I am looking for £2,950 and I am not really willing to negotiate on the price - it is going to break my heart to part with it so I am not prepared to haggle over it!

    To try or buy, please contact me here – I live in Bath and work in Bristol and am willing to meet somewhere mutually convenient within reason. If you are serious, please email me and then we can arrange to talk. Cleared funds will need to be received before releasing the instrument to you.

    Two pictures here - I have several more available that I can email to you upon request.
    IMG_0462.jpg IMG_0464.jpg
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    Forgive my ignorance but I thought the 981 had a straight leadpipe, straight across the bell into the valve set, mine did. Perhaps it was changed at a certain point?
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    This item is now sold.

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