For sale: Besson and Co "Prototype" baritone horn

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  1. jhonsrid

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    Besson and co "Prototype" silver 3 valve baritone horn with "Denis Wick" mouthpiece.

    it's sat in it's battered "Besson" hard leather case for the past 15 years or so, but seems to be none the worse off for it... Slight crease at the end of the bell though, but I expect I dropped it at some point. (I played years ago, until traintrack braces got in the way, and that was that!)

    I say "for sale", but really I just want it to go to a good home!

    Located: Spelthorne area, Surrey.



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  2. jhonsrid

    jhonsrid New Member

    This baritone has now found a fine new home, and so is no longer for sale...


  3. BariB

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    Hi John, I'm looking at buying one of these. Do you know what type of Wick mouthpiece you were using? I'm not sure the one I'm looking at has one with it. Thanks Beth :)
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  6. Jack E

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    You're welcome!

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