FOR SALE: Besson 700 Tenor Horn, Silver, Good Condition.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Horn_goblin, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I'm selling a Besson 700 Series Tenor Horn in silver finish and its in good condition. There are a few minor dents on the bell, no bigger than a pin head, a similar one on the seond valve slide and a slightly larger one on the elbow coming from the third valve, which is a common place for dents on tenor horns!

    The Serial No. is 752-764442 which puts its manufacture between 1988-89. This horn has been well cared for and given a recent clean up and service! Perfect for a student/ improving player.

    Looking for around £400 but open to sensible offers. Based in South Wales and would prefer pickup but would be willing to post with costs covered by buyer.

    Drop a PM if interested, thanks for looking.
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    P1000138.jpg P1000142.jpg P1000143.jpg

    Added some pictures of the instrument. I also forgot to mention that it comes with a case in great condition and a Denis Wick No.3 mouthpiece.

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