FOR SALE: Benge Flugelhorn with Trimmings!

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    FOR SALE: Benge Flugelhorn

    Silver Plated, Well Cared For, Professionally Owned, Great Sound, Handles Well

    Benge has an interesting history surrounding the flugelhorn line... Check Out The Website Below...

    On the bell, from top to bottom, it reads:

    Resno-Tempered Bell
    Custom Built
    Los Angeles, Calif.

    The second valve casing reads:

    32537 (serial number)

    I got this horn maybe 20 some-odd years ago. It is an excellent instrument.


    double horn gig bag for flugel & Bb/C/Eb 3C Vincent Bach Flugel Mouthpiece

    Asking Price: $800

    Here are some pics to go along with the ad! Act now! This sale is going to be listed on EBAY soon


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