For Sale: Assorted Trombones

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bones, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Bones

    Bones Member


    I am selling my King 3b Trombone. I believe the serial number puts it at about 1968. It is the model with the 3 piece solid metal counter balance weight. To say this is in very good condition is a massive understatement for the age and playability of the instrument. I can only find one minute pin dent on the bell. There is minor lacquer wear on the handslide, and I mean minor. The slide is fast and light with no wear on the stockings. It comes in a slimline hardcase with strap.

    Also for sale is my Rath R1 Bb Trombone. This is an early model, but I sent it back to Mick Rath for a complete rebuild and refurb. Whilst there I had the slide changed to accept different leadpipes of which there are 2. I also had the slide rebuilt and some outer sleeves added to add to sound production. I think it helps. The trom is a Rose Brass bell model and is in superb condition with a minor mute dent on the bell. The trombone comes in a Bach Leather Gig bag. Currently this trombone is in John Packer's in Taunton for sale. I will be looking to get this back though.

    Lastly for sale, a Besson Sovereign Bb/F/G/Eb Bass Trombone. This is the Double Hagmann Rotor model. In bright silver plate, excellent condition, no dents as I can see. Some lacquer wear on the lower hand slide. This come in the standard Besson hard case and I think would be suitable for a student looking for a step up to double trigger trombone, or a tenor trombonist looking for a bass trombone to play around on (which is what I bought it for)

    I'm selling the instruemnts, as I really do need to reduce my collection. I don't need 3 small/medium bore tenors (I'm keeping my 3B Silversonic) and I haven't used the Bass Trombone since I bought it, sod's law. Most of my playing these days is on large bore instruments, and I could do with some cash to pay for my Greenhoe Conn which I have just bought.

    I'm looking for sensible offers, given the quality and condition of the Instruments and as a guide, as follows.

    King 3b - £650-£700
    Rath R1 - £1000
    Besson - £900

    I don't have a digital camera, so I can't send pictures quickly if required, but I will endeavour to sort that out when I can.

    I live in Nottingham, so any inspection is welcome, PM me to arrange Cheques will need to clear first, (unless I know you :)) I'm afraid I'm not Ebay.


  2. BoozyBTrom

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    Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland
    For what its worth i have seen Bones's Trombone Museum and can confirm that all the horns on sale are in excellent condition.

    What will you do with all that extra space!
  3. Bones

    Bones Member

    Probably fill it with more trombones :)

    I think a collection of 9 trombones and euphonium is enough for anyone. So going to sell of the ones which really ought to be played.
  4. jonesbp

    jonesbp Member

    Langdon Hills, Essex
    Hi. It would be really nice to have some photos sometime. Also, how much would you sell the lot to one buyer for? Would there be a chance to visit and try them out?

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    About time you had a clear out-- any Elkharts??

    You can add my Ex Fawbert Duo Gravis to the list ... a couple of beers for commission !!

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