For Sale - 3 x Premier Fibreglass Pedal Timpani

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    For Sale - 3 xPremier Fibreglass Pedal Timpani
    1 x 28"
    2 x 25"
    Base printed with 828, but unsure if this is an indicationof series or model number.
    Approx 25 years old,and in good working order with no dents, splits or dome repairs. Regularly usedand maintained. Durable fibreglass makes them easy and safe to transport to andfrom jobs.
    Prefer to sell as a set for £900.00
    However, will consider selling individual timpani for£350.00
    P4060035.jpg P4060036.jpg P4060037.jpg P4060038.jpg P4060039.jpg

    Tel 01952-583321 or 07831-881883
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    Now sold.

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