For Musicians with Lips!!

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    Hello Fellow Musicians !

    We at have been added as an Authorised Dealer for

    This is a Natural Lip Care Product formulated by Musicians, for Musicians (well, everyone who needs their lips at least !)

    The Retail Price for this is $4.95 + Postage, but as a new dealer, I am able to offer this to you at

    US$5 per "stick" (makes life easier :) ), INCLUDING POSTAGE to anywhere (or personal delivery if I see you in the meantime)

    I am now taking orders, so to reduce the amount of time you have to wait, please let me know BY EMAIL ( ) how many "Sticks" you want to purchase. Please remember that you can order for other members of your band, pupils, teachers, family members, and Mickey Mouse if you want !

    Just pass the word around, and make sure I receive emails with your orders. (

    For all our International friends, please send US$5.00 via to my email address:

    Please email direct to let me know how many sticks you want, and that you've sent payment, and I'll let you know as soon as I receive payment.

    Normal postage time to the UK from the USA is around 5 business days (based on previous experience)

    To make my life easier, can I ask you all to put "CHOPSAVER" in the Subject line when you send me an email.

    Thank you

    Mark :D