For Mum, Yorkshire Cancer Centre, China Trek 2010

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    To all members of tMP.
    As my sister is not a member of tMP but my mum had been an avid brass bander for 50 years plus I was asked on her behalf to post this appeal to members of the tMP community. Many of the members here will have known or met my mum at some point so I thought this would be a good place to reach a wider audience.

    "My name is Emma Taylor, I am Beryl Taylor-Wilkinsons daughter. I am undertaking the challenge of a lifetime and would really like your help. I am doing a trek of the great Wall of China from the 24th September 2010 to the 30th September in mums memory and really need your help.

    As most of you know me you will know that my mum very recently lost her battle with cancer. She was a fighter but recieved most of her treatment from the caring individuals at the oncology centre at Jimmys. She was put on chemo trials, she underwent therapies when there was thought to be no more that could be done, and her will and spirit was spured on by the individuals that she met and that supported her. I realise that I am one of the lucky ones who actually get that precious time that a centre like this offers, but I also realise that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who do not get the gift of time that I was so lucky to get. So its for these people that I am doing this trek, because at the end of the day, there is no greater gift than the gift of time.

    to find out more information please go to the yorkshire cancer centre website which is
    and to donate to my cause the web address is

    I hope I make you proud mum xx"

    If you are able please take a little of your time to visit the websites above and pledge your money to this worthy cause.
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    I've donated Rich. Best Wishes. :tup
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    Thanks crawford.

    She is also doing some events coming up, they will mostly be in leeds I think but I'll try and post any details when I get them.
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    Two fundraising events to add to the appeal above.

    Super Sports Day

    @ Soldiers Field, Roundhay Park, Leeds
    (Near Tropical World)
    On Saturday 19th June
    Starting @ 12pm

    Including......A Super Bring and Buy stall
    Super Sports Races (like we remember)
    Super Refreshments

    Summer BBQ

    @ The Bay Horse Pub, Parkside Road,
    Meanwood, Leeds
    On Saturday 3rd July
    From 2pm until closing

    Bouncy Castle
    Face Painting
    Bring and Buy

    Evryone who can is more than welcome to attend.

    PM me if any further details are required.​