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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Highams, Mar 7, 2003.

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    i never knew the Barking iron had such a large family tree.
  3. Aidan

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    i knew they must have been all inbred to get them to sound like that!!
  4. HBB

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    I like the fact that it says "New" in front of the Olds bell front 3 valve baritone Talk about contradiction! :p :p
  5. i was really impressed - a some one started a thread cos of little old me :D
    i like the bari that plays like a sausaphone.

    ill have 2 try and get a picture of mine on here - it doesn't look different 2 most other baris ive seen - but i hav neva seen the engraving b4.
  6. Pythagoras

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    What do Baritone's sound like? I've yet te hear them and I sit next to them (mind you that could be the BBFlats fault).
  7. Highams

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    You do realise of course that the Brass Band is their last resting place !

    Where else will you hear such an individual sound ? Not a French Horn, Tenor Horn or small Euphonium but its very own timbre.
    They have long gone from wind bands as well.

    How long do we have to wait before they have their day ? I thought it was coming when Carol Crompton used to be featured with Desford but it did not last long.
  8. PeterBale

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    I wouldn't be too disheartened over the fate of the baritone, as there are still a number of bands featuring baritone solos on their programmes. The International Staff Band of the Salvation Army has featured their first baritone, Simon Birkett, on a number of occasions very succesfully. When they played The Holy War a year or so ago, the atmosphere was electric when he played the solo within the piece, and he was the first player acknowledged at the end. He has also appeared at the Northern Brass Arts Festival at Bridgewater Hall.

    I think one of the problems can be selecting suitable solo items, so that the baritone is able to shine without forcing the tone to overcome an unsympathetic accompaniment. Also, there are still too many players who try to make it sound like a euphonium, rather than relish in its own distinctive timbre which Charlie referred to.
  9. Highams

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    Spot on Peter,

    My mind goes back to that amazing pair who were at Dyke for what seemed like a century, John Slinger & Colin Hardy.

    Their sound in the performance of 'Wayfarer' and other Dyke winners is stunning. The I.S.B. is one of my favourite bands and again I agree that the euph / bari section is something else.

    Players should not be shy about borrowing euph solos, providing they use their own sound and style as you say, hopefully this will then give way to more original solos coming through.

    What happened to the guy at Leyland who was promoting his own solo career (can't remember his name).
  10. Mrs Fruity

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    I think Peter Christian had (perhaps has??) a fab sound on the bari
  11. BoozyBTrom

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    Brian Till ex Frickley was a great baritone player.
  12. Highams

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    Terry Jennings was at Stanshawe (later Sun Life) with me, in fact, I think he was there from day 1 ?

    The year he decided to hang up his baritone, they won the British Open !
  13. Owen

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    Nice to hear a few people sticking up for the baritone! I must say, as someone who was given it to play as a 10 year old beginner, I have never had any regrets. I have done a spell on solo trom and also played euph for a bit, but the trom parts had too many rests and I didn't like sharing a part on euph!

    As to the instruments themselves, I remain convinced that the designers don't spend much time in developing them. To get somewhere like reasonable intonation, there is so much cross fingering required - I would be interested to know if the instrument Gorgeous Bari Player has is better in tune than the modern ones!
  14. it has a really nice sound, i prefer it to the other ones in the band.
    im not to good with knowledge around instrements - but i hav noticed things like my valves hardly eva stick - and since it was first tuned at band i hav not had 2 retune it.
    It is a really nice instrement 2 play - it has a really nice sound and the sound we produce is really mellow.

    I really do love it :D

    at the moment i am playing around with some solos but i cant find one i like tht much - the cloest i hav got is "to be a wild rose" but im not to keen on that :?

    Has any one got any suggestions :?:
  15. Highams

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    An excellent choice would be the lovely 'Mavagnwy' arranged by Denzil Stephens and published by him at Sarnia Music.
    He has also written 'Rippling Waters' for Baritone, but I don't know what it's like.

    There is also the Snell arrangement of Bizet's Flower Song and the Langford Endearing Young Charms, but the band parts are heavily scored on that one.
  16. Owen

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    There are not that many good baritone solos around - as Highams has said all too often the accompaniment is a bit meaty. However, Rutland Water is a great piece (although the horns will not thank you - they have a very lofty part to play), as is Carrickfergus. Both of them start unaccompanied for the first 8 bars or so, which is a considerable test of nerve! Last year I played The Holy Well, which is really written for euph but works well for bari as well. At the moment I am playing I Know Why which I am really enjoying.

    I am sure that there must be more out there though...
  17. Highams

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    Stephen Booth was the name I was trying to remember earlier.

    Is he still around ? his web page was last updated 2 years ago.
  18. Roger Thorne

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    Is this the same Stephen Booth who conducted Tyldsley Band in the 1st Section at the North West Area last week?
  19. Heather

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    Yes it is.
  20. BoozyBTrom

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    Macushla ( hope thats how its spelt) makes a nice baritone solo

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