Football strips - best and worst?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by bbg, Jul 11, 2011.

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    The team that I've supported through thick and thin (mainly thin it has to be said) for over 40 years, Raith Rovers, have launched their new season's "away" strip. Nothing unusual in that, but this year, as part of a partnership with a cancer charity, the shirts are PINK with burgundy trim - see
    This got me thinking - what are your favourite , and least favourite, strips / kits over the years? Will need to see the Rovers actually playing in the pink number to make up my mind. We've not been too bad through the years although a red & blue number around 02-03 was fairly honking, particularly due to a garish yellow sponsors logo.
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    I do like city's 3rd away kit. The white one with the black and red diagonal strip.
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    What about Coventry City's away strip in the 70's? They looked 11 tu---s chasing a ball!!!!!
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    They still play like that now.

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