Football Hooliganism: Surprised or Appaled?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Laserbeam bass, Aug 26, 2009.

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    or neither?

    Having read the reports and seen the video footage from within the Boleyn Ground during last night's match, I find myself wondering whether I am surprised, or appalled, at the disruption that a few hundred people can cause, because of a 33 year old vendetta. If you are not aware of the animosity Google Ian Pratt and New Cross Station

    I must admit that I am no longer surprised when these two teams meet, that violence flairs. It is probably a sign of the times that the two supporting factions were glorified in a film. Don't bother watching it unless Elijah Wood is your favourite actor, and you couldn't possibly miss it.

    The most inane quote to come out of all this was a Metropolitan Police Spokesman stating: "We believe the violence was planned" ????? That's like saying "We believe that an airplane can fly". Considering the disruption to the local area, and the alleged amount of time the fighting continued, how could there only have been five arrests, including one for affray, and one for breach of a banning order.

    As long as West Ham remain in the top flight and Millwall don't, the locals of which I and my Bro Will the Sec are among, will only need to put up with it a maximum of once a season, and hopefully not at all.
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    Heard on the lunchtime radio news that the English FA want "lifetime bans" for those arrested / found to be involved. Brilliant - gives these guys a place in the Government as they're as much flaming use! The bulk of the (planned) fighting was in the streets and lasted well into match time, so let the FA bods sit smugly saying that they've "acted". If local neds want to beat the whatever out of each other, they'll do it anyway; when there are reasons for guys from other districts to travel onto other "turf" - such as a football match - there's going to be much more potential for bother. Banning idiots from football grounds who have probably no intention of ever paying to get into one in the first place achieves - what?
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    This was always going to happen - I had a ticket for last night but because I was taking a rehearsal to include working on a contest piece, I decided not to go. When I then got to band to discover we had to withdraw from the contest, I was really annoyed - until I got the news from the ground by which time I was pleased again!

    I had the "pleasure" of being caught between Leeds and Milwall fans as I came up the escalator at London Bridge last season - I had to make a very quick cover up of my claret & blue - on this occassion, they were separated by the metropolitans finest over whom the bottles etc were thrown.I can't say I enjoyed the experience at all.

    I have also noticed that when i do go to a cup match, there are often hardly any of the usual season ticket holders around me and noting that it's always at cup matches where we see problems, suspect that the people involved inside the stadium are often not regular supporters. Anyone else see that with their team?

    As for outside the stadium, short of shutting the tubes and all bridges across the Thames, this fixture will always cause trouble. I personally would like to see a policy of matches such as this being played to home supporters only to minimise the issues within the ground. The publicans and Newham Council were expecting trouble (pubs and the Moore/Hurst/Peters statue were all boarded up) but the people who decided to allow this to go ahead mid week in the evening when all these thugs were alcohol fuelled apparently didn't.
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    Having read some more articles it would seem that some Parents should be nominated for Darwin Awards.

    BBC Website "It breaks My heart" where a Parent is describing how he feared for his Seven Year old's safety. WTF was he doing taking a 7 year old to what had all the ingredients for a retro football fan dust up?
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    Those who invaded the pitch probably know they would get banned, so why disapoint them? The FA will want to make an example of the two clubs so I expect a heavy penalty as they want kids to come along to matches. I think the next time these two meet it should be behind closed doors.
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    probably because he was naive enough to think 21st century football fans wouldn't be so DUCKING STUPID.
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    I have a season ticket in the South Stand at Eastlands, I hardly ever see any trouble, the only real friction I ever really see is away fans scrapping with stewards.