Food - likes & dislikes

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  1. Im sat at my computer starving hungry and so i decided i was gonna post about food.:rolleyes:

    What so people like to eat?:)
    What can't you stand? :eek:

    Favourite has to be Pizza and i really cannot stand salad or celery!!!;)
    My friends here and his is Chips and his least favourite meat (he's veggie):biggrin:

    What about drinks? Baileys is mine :p
  2. Steve

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  3. Heather17

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    My problem being I just about love all food :oops:

    .. but peppered steak perhaps my fave ..

    I would say I dont like olives even though I've never tasted one ( strange but true)

  4. 2nd man down

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    English - Rare Sirloin Steak and Chips with Onion Ring and English Mustard washed down with a tasty dry red wine.

    Continental - Moulles marinere

    Chinese - Special Fried Rice with noodles and beansprouts, and something tasty to go with it like fried sliced beef in ok sauce.

    (I'm drooling) :( :-?

    Italian - A good Pizza with a little bit of everything except sea food, chicken or too many mushrooms. (Chicken just doesn't work on a pizza for some reason)

    Indian - Karahi Gosht with umpteen chapatti's and a few bottles of beer.

    After a shed load of beer - A huge donner kebab with salad and garlic mayo...and some more beer.

    I just like my food far too much!
  5. persins

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    Drinking is easy... Beer beer beer! Or JD with Coke!!!

    Eating is less easy. The traditional roast beef with all the trimmings is definitely up there, as is the traditional English dish...Curry!!!

    Tomatoes; Satan's own fruit!!!
    Marmite; Why would anyone not heave just smelling the stuff let alone eating it?

    Apart from that, I can tolerate pretty much anything.
  6. dyl

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    Ah, but what flavour though? ;)
  7. PeterBale

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    Boeuf a la Perks!
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    Love curry.
    Any really as long as it isnt too spicy.

    Like pizzas as a back up just in case (in fact from work today we did one of those pizza hut all you can eat buffet thingies for a fiver which was nice).

    I dont have a particularly favourite meat. like pork or chicken or stuff. Usually cause if anything ends up as meat and two vegon my plate it usually ends up with mint sauce over it, no matter what meat it is.
  10. gawber

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    I tend to enjoy any meal that has been cooked by someone else. Unfortunately my old man prefers meals cooked by me, so a meal out is a rare occurance.

    I don't like tomatoes either although my favourite soup is tomato-what's all that about then?
  11. bigmamabadger

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    I Like Food. Will try most things but I don't like really bland things. Don't like cucumber, celery and asparagus and I really loathe fatty/gristly meat so I stay away from things like pork or beef unless I've cooked it myself and cut all the yuk off it...
  12. Key2207

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    I love fast food but I like fruit and veg and stuff as well. I tend to eat more junk though!! :D To drink I like Bacardi and Coke, Vodka and Orange or occasionally wine :) and I have to have a can of coke everyday.
  13. KMJ Recordings

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    Er, they don't go together but PIE.....and a nice glass of Pomerol.....Château Pétrus would be nice if anyone wants to offer me a bribe ;)...other than that another nice Bordeaux :D
  14. ian perks

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    Well been a Butcher it as to be MEAT:clap:
    Drink:Any Real Ales:clap: and Whisky.

    A few dont likes:parsnips, turnips, sweedes, fruit cake,sultanas, rasins anything like that should be BANNED:ranting2: i could go on but thats enough
  15. brassneck

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    - that's a bit cruel Ian ... I thought you would like turnips, fruit cake, sultanas and similar ilk?
    - Tapioca, semolina, marzipan (... almonds I can eat though!) and cous cous ..... YUGH!
  16. 1alexm

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    vegatables - don't like
    pizza - do like
    sweets - do like
    chip butty's - do like
    fruit - is okay
  17. tpcornet12

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    You have to try Olives or else you'll never enjoy my Morrocan Pata Bake!!:cool:
  18. NeilW

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    Favourites: Quiche, chips and salad (yes, including the cucumber and tomatoes etc!). Fruit cake, Marmite, parsnips, venison, marzipan (and in fact almost anything else with almonds in), Granny Smith apples. Quite like cous cous too... Irish Whiskey, good red wine, winter ales, cocktails are quite fun too...

    Dislikes: fish, rhubarb, snails.

    Viva la difference!
  19. drummergurl

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    im a very fussy eater..
    if a food looks like it was once alive, i won't eat it. for example, i won't eat fish if it still looks like a live fish.
    seafood in general is a big no-no
    i don't eat spicy food, i hate it! yuck. curry, is a big no-no too.
    beans and peas, also a no-no.

    erm, i can't remember what else.. ill think of more later.

    likes: pizza, pasta, sandwiches..
  20. meandmycornet

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    I'm a sort of fussy eater :tongue:

    I will try most things once..... but I HATE anything seafood (other than tuna in a tin and sometimes cod) I don't anything Chinese cus its icky and I hate hate hate courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines, swede, avacados, olives and lots of stuff :tongue: and I'm not right keen on fruit.
    I'm also seriously picky about meat :tongue: don't like lamb or ham, or pork if its a joint but chops are ok.... I don't really like sausages and I'll only eat bacon if me or mum has cooked it... but I love chicken and beef and turkey is my favourite! I'm reeeeally fussy about fat on meat.. if there is like the teeniest bit of fat i have to cut around it by like an inch :tongue:

    I'm not that bad though..... I love vegetables.... especially broccoli and parnsips and I love roast dinners so long as they are swimming in gravy! :tongue: and my most favourite favourite things are roast potatoes home cooked how my mummy does them! My favourite thing too eat would be a plate of roast potatoes, roast parnsips, broccoli, carrots and lots and lots of other vegetables!

    oh and I hate chips :tongue: