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  1. Hi all

    Just thought I would introduce myself, my name's Daniel from a company called FH Lambert Ltd, we do many repairs, lacquering and especially electroplating of many musical instruments for individual players and manufacturers,

    We have just started to introduce our own range of brass instruments under the name of "Fohqudill", these include at the moment trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and trombone (prototype stages). We have already got a few top artists playing on them such as Andy Greenwood,Malcolm Melling and Paul Mason to name but a few.

    Fohqudill instruments are built using only the finest procurable materials favourable to the attainment of perfection in both mechanical and musical feature.

    Situated on the outskirts on London we have acquired a purpose built premises, from this we are able to manufacturer all key stages in one group of workshops. This guarantees Fohqudill Instruments to be made under strict guidelines in quality and continual high standards.

    Our instruments are made to give perfect satisfaction, service and last indefinitely. All of our instruments come with a twelve month guarantee and the confidence in our instruments gives us the ability to offer a thirty day money back guarantee to the customer (must be returned in as new condition).

    Our instruments are favourable by players who are seeking ultimate perfection in quality and a first class after sales service that guarantees customer satisfaction.

    Each of the instruments comes with a Fusion F1 black hybrid gig bag and a deluxe UltraPure kit, which includes: Oil, Grease, Three Brushes, microfiber cloth and a free service voucher (postage and dent work not included) .

    Please visit our Face book page and our website for prices or visit Players are more than welcome to come and test blow the instruments at our premises and to discuss your needs. We can offer many different finishes such as black nickel or antique brass.

    Please feel free to contact either myself or Sandy for a test of our instruments on 01923 229444 or email me at, thank you
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    Interesting! Best of luck with this new venture - it's always good to have a greater choice. What does the name mean? I can't puzzle it out...

    What are the features of the trombone likely to be?
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    I know Malcolm, Andy and Paul personally, and I know they're fussy people! Malcolm has told me he's delighted with his trumpet, and I know Lamberts have always been excellent platers and repaireres.
  4. Thank you, we have had quite a few puzzled faces with our was my fathers company name back in the sixties when he was a jewellery designer. Later on he renamed it FH Lambert Ltd, we mainly specialized in luxury aerospace interiors but we were approached by Besson late 99 to carry out the task of silver plating their instruments, we carried on doing that even when Buffet took over, but sadly it all got moved to France. We then decided to employ only the best Besson makers and finishers and produced the first number of instruments for York Instruments. We carried on into repairs as we have everything on site, polishing, dent removal, lacquering and a vast array of different plating finishes, after this we then decided to go into manufacturing ourselves so we could do it our way and be proud of the finished product. Players are welcome to come to our premises to discuss their needs and even watch their instrument being made, we will start introducing a bandroom visit if you require it. Features of the Bf trombone at the moment are a .500 bore, 8 inch bell (we are playing with a 7.5 inch as well), yellow brass throughout with a chance to have nickel silver outer playing slide aswell as a rose brass bell (these are on the cards). P.m me or email for any further information. Thanks again Daniel
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    Thanks for the info - sounds like the first trombone model will be a smaller tenor than the .547" bore that is usually used in modern brass bands - .500" must be something like a Rath R10 - more of an eye on the jazz market, perhaps?

    It's great to hear that the instrument-making expertise that had centred around B&H/Besson is finding a new creative manufacturing outlet in the UK.