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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Just got back from Walsall and cant belive the number of car drivers who drive around with there front fog lights on.
    When there is no sign of fog
    Surely they know the rules of the road.
    It does not make them look clever and think they can put them on when ever they want to ,but you find when fog is around half of the drivers do not put there fog lights on at all:confused::mad:
    Do you find it in your area where you live or are you one of those drivers who puts on there fog lights when there is no need to?
    Whats your opinion on this matter?
  2. Teflon1961

    Teflon1961 Member

    Nice thread Ian.
    Winds me up to a real pitch sometimes! The ones coming toward you are bad enough, especially when its raining, the reflection off the floor is seriously not needed. I don't think they realise that the direction of the fogs/spots is aiming down at about 25-30 degrees, which reflected off the road hits an oncomming driver straight in the macula!

    Now then.. those b*ggers at the back of you!!?? COME ON!!

    Best you can do is stick your High Intensity's on and hope they get the message...maybe even slow down or just stop and let them past so they know what twonks they're being.

    It really makes me laugh, it's not like ALL cars haven't got these things these days, it just takes an adult to use them correctly I suppose.

  3. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Unlikely. They probably THINK they know the laws of the road.

    People who hack me off are those who use bus lanes when the bus lane active - but don't when they're not. :mad:
  4. there is alot of fog everytime i drive to band coming over the tops of saddleworth through denshaw towards the m62, Ripponden Road and i've seen cars with no lights on at all thinking they can see better, also annoying when they leave full beam head lights on as you can see a thing.

    Im sure that you can get 3 Points on your driving license for driving with your fog light on when its not needed

    Any Bobby's on here to clarify that?
  5. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    I thought that fog lights only affected the rear lights?
  6. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Nope, you can have them on the front as well. If you see a car that looks like it has two sets of headlights one above the other, the bottom two are fog lights. The idea is the low down ones cut under the fog and show the road a bit better. Which they do, used properly.
    Problem is afaik there's nothing in the MOT test about the aiming of them (like there is for headlights)so they can be pointing anywhere - often into oncoming drivers' eyes.
    In fairness some cars have rubbish dashboard warning lights for the fog lights, my old Rover 214 had a tiny orange light the size of a grain of rice on the switch itself - which was behind the steering wheel, so you couldn't see it. Also some French cars (Renault Scenic and Citroen Picasso for example) have the fog light switch as a second barrel to the main light switch, on the same stalk,which makes it all too easy to switch them on by mistake.
    However in the majority of cases it's pure laziness and/or inattention, along with failing to indicate, not looking in mirrors before pulling out, tailgating (which for me should be a bannable offence), and other methods of generally driving like a complete muppet.
    There are people that leave Preston at 1630 every day who would kill their first-born child just to get one car in front of me. That's the impression I get, anyway. Thing is, when I get to Southport 14 miles later they're STILL only one car in front of me - so why bother? :dunno
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  7. Not that I'm a cop, but I think it's right that you can be done for misuse of fog lights.
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Highway Code Rule 211: You MUST NOT use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced (see Rule 201) as they dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights. You MUST switch them off when visibility improves.


    Misuse of fog lights is illegal. At the moment fog light offences are non-endorsable - you can't get points for them. However, if you drive with fog lights on when visibility is better than 100 yards you can be given a fixed penalty notice (£30 usually, assuming you pay up promptly). If your fog lights are badly adjusted so that they dazzle other road users you can be given a VDRS (Vehicle Defect Rectification System) notice, whereupon you have 14 days to get the defect fixed, and then checked at an MOT station.

    However, for that to happen police forces would actually need real traffic officers, in real cars, instead of money-saving, revenue-raising "safety" cameras. :rolleyes: There isn't much political kudos available for Chief Constables who use expensive officer time to pursue traffic offences and improve the standard of driving.
  9. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    Are these the same idiots who do not put on any lights when raining hard, or at dusk cos they think they saving battery??
  10. needmorevodka

    needmorevodka Member

    Yep, the very same ones Dave.

    I really hate the misuse of fog lights both front and rear, and misuse of lights in general.

    I hate it if I have to drive behind somebody with their rear fog light on for any distance on a perfectly clear night . It can bring on a nasty migraine, and then I can't see properly because of the migraine and it just gets dangerous. It's not fair on anybody.
  11. Mr Guinness

    Mr Guinness Member

    At the end of the day, it's about consideration for the people around you. Sadly lacking in many drivers unfortunately.
    The general theme of this thread so far, is drivers who leave their fog lights on when the weather clears - I agree with all posts relating. However, I would extend the discussion even to foggy conditions. I make a conscious effort to turn my fog lights off when somebody else is in close proximity. Rear fog lights are there to warn other drivers of your presence - once another driver has seen you and settled behind you - turn off your fog lights (in all but the worst possible conditions).
    I had a recent experience where upon leaving work, I followed a colleague from the carpark onto the main road in relatively foggy conditions. After a couple of hundred yards - with me following him the whole time - he switched his rear fog lights on. Why? I know you're there. I can see you already!!
  12. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Ian, are you not just referring in the most part to "driving" lights which are indeed low level lights but not "fog" lights. These "driving" lights are in addition to standard headlights but are not of the intensity of fog lights.

    Think about it, if all these cars are driving around with foggys on, how come you rarely seem to be following someone who has foggys on? You only percieve the "fog" lights when cars are driving towards you or following you because you can see that the car has 2 headlights and 2 additional lights and these additional lights are where you would expect to find foglights, hence you think they are foglights. Which they're most likely not.

    For what its worth, people who do drive around with foglights on should be shot, or at least made to contribute to new retinas for everyone.
  13. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    It's the people who drive around with just there side lights on that get me:mad: . Do they really not know they are breaking the law:confused: . Or those people who drive around with 1 faulty headlight thus blinding you with the other:eek: because it is taking the unused power form the other side making it brighter.:cool:
  14. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    It's not the front fogs I mind. It's the stupid little blue lights on the bonnet or grill. Usually fitted on some pile of junk, driven by a brain dead moron*.

    *obviously if any tMPers have them fitted, then they are not brain dead morons. Well, when I say not brain dead, I really mean their brain may not be actually dead, but it is very poorly. ;)
  15. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    I have an easy solution to the abuse of foglights. They should automatically switch off when the car exceeds 30mph. If it is foggy enough to need lights, they shouldn't be driving faster than that anyway.

    It'll never happen though.
  16. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    What annoys me is the young drivers who have just passed their test and run about the town with just their sidelights on at night. Quite a few times I have nearly had a wee accident with them as I couldnt see them properly on the road. They just think it looks cool, and yet the polis dont seem to do anything about them.

    They dont seem to realise that their lights are just important to make yourself seen to other road users, as to see the road ahead of you.
  17. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Why do car manufactures still insist on providing side lights which can be used when driving? Is there ever an occassion when it would be correct to use them? Lighting up time is fixed so then you have to put on your main lights - when the weather is poor you are also required to put those on too so what are driving side lights for?
  18. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Sidelights (as opposed to headlights) are supposed to be be used for half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise, assuming that visibility is normal. On streets where there is "adequate lighting" you don't actually have to use lights at all, although I suspect Inspector Knacker might want a word with you if you regularly drove round town with no lights on

    Highway Code Rule 93:

    You MUST
    • use headlights at night, except on restricted roads (those with street lights not more than 185 metres (600 feet) apart and which are generally subject to a speed limit of 30 mph)
    • use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced (see Rule 201).
    • ensure all sidelights and rear registration plate lights are lit at night.
      [SIZE=-1]Laws RVLR regs 24 & 25 & RV(R&L)R reg 19[/SIZE]
    National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory:

    Lighting-up time

    The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations, 1989, make the use of front and rear position lamps compulsory on vehicles during the period between sunset and sunrise.
    Headlamps are required on vehicles during the hours of darkness which are defined by these regulations as being the interval between one half-hour after sunset to one half-hour before sunrise.
  19. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    The law is archaic, and an ass.

    How many cars have distinctive side lights these days? And how many drivers are there left to say "Well, we drove on them during the war, and if it was good etcetcetcetetcetc"?

    The terminology should be changed - for my mind I think they should only be used where they are needed for parking at night on roads with no street lamps.

    Anyhow I was taught that they are parking lights, not side lights.
  20. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    You can blame the EU for this. We had a law that forced cars to fit a "dim-dip" circuit in the headlights, so if you just switched sidelights on when the ignition was on the headlights came on at 1/6 brightness. So it was impossible to drive a car on sidelights only, but you could park like that.
    The EU overturned it as it was against free trade, or discriminatory to other countries, or car makers, or something, to expect them to do this specially for the UK.
    Cars between (roughly) J and P reg have them (like my N-reg Escort).
    Another good idea ruined by some unelected buerocrats in Brussels..........

    (yes, I am a bit boc about cars...........)

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