Fodens's Band First Solo, Duet, Q'tet competition

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    (Just giving you plenty notice! :D)

    Foden’s Band
    Solo, Duet and Quartet Competition

    Sandbach Boys School
    (Crewe Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW1 3NS)

    SATURDAY 8th OCT 2011

    Slow Melody: (1) 11 & under (2) 12 – 16 (3) Open
    Air Varie/Brillante: (4) 16 & under (5) Open
    Duet: (6) 16 & under (7) Open
    Quartet: ( 8 ) 16 & under (9) Open
    Fun Class! (10) Any age

    Accompanists available

    Trophies in all sections, and special prize kindly sponsored by Besson.

    Entry forms and details from:

    Fiona Rolfe, 4 Brookfield, Loggerheads, Mkt Drayton, TF9 4RW

    07795 801019 email:
    (email me if you'd like an entry form)

    Closing date for entries: Mon 5th Sept 2011
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  2. jockinafrock

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    Just letting you know that our composer-in-residence, Andy Scott, has offered a phenomenal prize for one of the sections! Andy will write a solo for the winner...! What a fantastic prize - thanks Andy! :clap:
    A special prize from Besson, the chance to play a solo accompanied by Fodens at one of their concerts, some lovely trophies and adjudication by some of the country's top players - who else offers prizes like that? Get your entries in! :woo
  3. jockinafrock

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    Just to let you know that we've had lots of interest
    from players who have never competed before.
    This is fantastic news and very encouraging! :clap:
    With this in mind we are also providing trophies for the
    highest placed players who have never competed before - it
    can be quite daunting to play against others who
    compete (and perhaps win!) regularly.
    Get your entry forms by emailing me!
    ps. there's a concert by Fodens on the evening (discounted tickets to all competitiors!)
    Promises to be a great day of music-making!
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    Following a very pertinent query, just letting you know that players do not have to be Patrons of the band, or registered with a band to take part. Also, for quartets/duets, the players do not have to be members of the same band. :D
    Hopefully this will give more players the chance to put together a little ensemble outfit - in fact, I have a young 13 year old from N Ireland who is travelling over for the comp, and wants to know if there is anyone else intending to come over and would maybe like to pair up in a duet? Please message me if you might like to help this young lad out and I'll forward details.
    Looks like being a great day out!


  5. super_sop

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    Hi Fi, we dropped off a few forms at Telford schools over the past couple of days (hope you don't mind!!)
    looks like we may need a mini bus up!
  6. jockinafrock

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    The more the merrier...! :biggrin:
  7. jockinafrock

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    It's that time of year again when the busy little Foden's Youth pixies come together and have a chin-wag about what's been going on in their little world....:biggrin:

    It's been a wee while since we've been together so I've no doubt our WPs have grown a few inches in height, while I've gained a few inches in waist size! :eek:

    Our next meeting's going to be on Saturday 26th March at 1pm in the Foden's bandroom - if you'd like to come along and be part of our merry band then please come and join us! You can let your parents tag along - we generally direct them to some dusty corner of the bandroom while we have the fun at our side (they are a curious breed, parents, and can often be seen straining to hear what we have to say, and they tend to get closer and closer as the meeting goes on....);)

    In the past we've discussed competitions, the website, merchandise, Facebook and all sorts, but this time we need to get our little heads round the forthcoming Foden's Band's solo, duet and quartet competition in October. Now, we'd usually leave this kind of thing to the band themselves to organise, but knowing what busy lives they lead (ahem!) we thought we'd help them with the organising. But don't worry, Foden's band will be very conspicuous by their presence at the competition as we've roped them in to be adjudicators, stewards, accompanists and - oh yes - to bake cakes! :bounce

    It'd be great to see some more faces at the WP meetings, so try and get yourself along - the address is:
    Foden's Bandroom, Flowcrete UK Ltd, Booth Lane, Moston, Sandbach, CW11 3QF
    p.s. Did I tell you we're having MacDonald's.....?
  8. super_sop

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    Yay!!!!!! see you there!!!!
  9. jockinafrock

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    Just received confirmation that AUDI has also offered to sponsor our event. With great support from Besson promised, the prospect of winners receiving a handsome bursary must surely whet your appetite!
    Already got entries coming in, including several quartets - thanks folks!
    :wooGet your entries in! :woo
    Email me for details:
  10. Cochyn

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    Live really close now, so will deffo be doing the solo and duet. Looking forward to it :)
  11. jockinafrock

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    Be great to see you there Alan! :D
  12. Cochyn

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    Tell me about it! Dragging Nic Hughes accross to do the duet with me and twisted his arm enough to do the solo too :)
  13. jockinafrock

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    Hope you're all getting some practice in for our comp...! ;) We'ew delighted with the response so far - should be a real good mix of seasoned competitors and those who have never played at a solo comp before. :D

    Something different for the comp... our AUDI sponsors are bringing along their Hospitality Suite! So - if you need something to do while waiting for the results you can always have a sit in one of the cars they'll be bringing! :biggrin: In the grounds of Sandbach School this'll look awesome!

    Told you it'd be a great day! :metal:
  14. trombonebabe

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    Who are the adjudicators Fiona?
  15. jockinafrock

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    Hi Trombone Babe! Foden's committee are meeting to decide who it will be - they all want to do it, so we're going to make them all sit round a table and be civilised about this! :lol: It will probably be one of the Besson artistes as Besson are one of our sponsors. Hope to be able to let you know in next 2 weeks - never seen them so keen to do something, and John Barber's offering me bribes to let him do it! :biggrin: Hope you're thinking of competing TB!;)

    By the way, just to let you all know that some naughty little pixie is telling students at the RNCM that the Fodens solo comp is free to enter... please don't be mislead, there are entry fees to the classes, but all money goes back into developing new intitiatives for youngsters. (Maybe this kind person will pay the entry fees for those they have mislead) :biggrin:
  16. jockinafrock

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    Got those entry forms filled out yet? :biggrin: Chuffed to bits with the interest in the competition, so don't miss out on the chance to take part! Delighted with the response to the quartet sections especially! The timing of the competition is ideal for those thinking of braving the British Open and would be a good run out for pieces ;). Lots of first-timers entering too.
    I took delivery of one of the many trophies this week - a beautiful Scottish 'Quaich'. It's something a bit different for the winner of that particular section and will loook stuning on your mantlepiece :biggrin:
  17. jockinafrock

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    Just answering a couple more questions....

    • Even though the response has been fantastic to the comp, we aren't putting a limit on the numbers, so don't worry about classes being closed early!
    • Also, if you're entering a quartet you can put all the player's names on one form if you don't have a name for your quartet. The important bit is who we send the details to about the draw!
    • A bit of a difference to other comps is that we are asking for the adjudicator's part, as well as the accompanist's copy, with the entry form - this'll save time on the day!
    • The fun class is exactly what it says! (pinched it from Graham Bates at Skelmanthorpe - cheers Graham lol) We have some different instruments for you to 'pick out of the hat' ie bagpipes, didgeridoo, kazoo, etc. And you play a very simple tune. It's a hoot and was a class brainwave from graham! :biggrin:
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    Just thought! Why not make a weekend of it? Foden's are doing a concert in Sandbach on the night (with discounted tickets for competitors ;)) and, as the comp is only 5 minutes off Junction 17 of the M6, there're loads of Travel Lodges and Premier Inns to stay at! Sorted! :biggrin:
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    Been to see the guys at AUDI Macclesfield - sponsorship well and truly sorted and bursaries available for the next 5 years at least! :clap:
    AUDI are planning to bring along one of their super-duper hospitality suites too, so you can always have a wander round the cars and dream about the latest S3 or A8 while you're there. Who else has this at a competition?
    Also, sorry for the delay in announcing the adjudicators - Besson are sorting a couple of their 'Besson artists' for the day, so you won't be disappointed! :D
    As for the accompanists - we've got 3 lined up; all great players in their own rights, and very sympathetic and expereinced accompanists to soloists, so you can rest easy there.
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    Please Note! Addition of extra class!

    Following the kind donation of another wonderful trophy, we have inserted another class into the programme.
    At the request of the donor, this will be for
    16 - 18 Air Varie. Yet another class you can enter!

    Slow Melody: (1) 11 & under (2) 12 – 16 (3) Open
    Air Varie/Brillante: (4) Under 16 (5) 16 – 18 (6) Open
    Duet: (7) 16 & under (8) Open
    Quartet: (9) 16 & under (10) Open
    (11) Fun class - any age!

    Get those entries in!