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    Delighted to announce on behalf of Fodens Band that they have launched a new Youth Patrons initiative - Patrons will be given a certificate, choice of t shirt or mute bag, 10% discount on merchandise and automatic entry into a quarterly draw to have a lesson with one of the principal players....! :woo

    All proceeds will be entirely directed back into the development of new and exciting youth initiatives - watch this space! ;)

    Also to follow very soon is the inclusion on the main website of a Youth Web page - but first the page needs a name! The band is holding a competition open to anyone 18 yrs and under to think of a name for the web page - it already has Fodens 'Fanfare' for it's Patrons magazine, and who better to think of a name than youngsters themselves! :D

    For details of the competition and the Youth Patrons please have a look at Fodens website:

    Anyone interested can also contact me through TMP - thanks everyone!
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    Many thanks to readers who have shown an interest in this new venture! The response from families and youngsters is much appreciated and we're enjoying sifting through the entries to the name the web page competition - there've been some great ideas that only young minds can come up with. They're really thinking outside the box! :clap:

    Entries don't close until the end of November - it's totally free and you don't have to be a patron to enter. No wrinklies mind! ;) 18 years and under only and great prizes up for grabs! :D

    Deatils on or you can PM me for info about the patrons or the competition.

    Cheers! :bounce
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    Thanks for the information Fiona.

    I have sent you a P.M.
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    Soon be the closing date! Super prizes up for grabs! :D
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    :clap: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS...! :clap:

    Prize winners to be announced at

    Fodens Christmas Concert
    Sandbach Boys School
    Sunday 13th December


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    Overall winner to name the web page was......

    ABIGAIL FOSKETT from Telford with a fantastic name...
    'Salute To Youth'

    Other prize winners and runners up were:
    Jack Gresty from Willaston with Fodens Young Followers
    Rob Foden (purely coincidental!) from Warrington with Fortissimo Fodens
    Prize winners won certificates, CDs and Fodens memorabilia!
    Abigail also won the I Pod Shuffle! WELL DONE EVERYONE!

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    go Abigail!!!

    lol sorry Fiona, Abigail is still hyper about winning. A great big thank you from karen and I, for looking after her and treating her so nicely, we really enjoyed the concert as well, it ended the weekend in a very nice note, A very high one off Alan!!!!

    see you all at the patrons concert in Feb
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    Winner of this quarter's lesson with one of Foden's principal players is local young trombonist ROB FODEN!!! Ta - Da...! :clap: Well done Rob!

    February's winner was Daniel Barrow, a young cornet player from Wales who won a super-duper lesson with our star euph Glyn Williams! :D

    Youth Website's near completion (at long last) but we're on twitter and will be on facebook too! :biggrin: Look out for more comps on the website!

    To be in with a chance to win a lesson why not join the Youth Patrons - but only if you're 18 or under! You'll also get a great choice of freebie on joining! You adults can always join the Fodens Patron Society and get things like free tickets to a Fodens concert. :tup
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    Just to let you all know that (after copious floods of tears and horrendous tantrums) Fodens can proudly announce that their Youth Website 'Salute To Youth' is finally up and running!

    We've even got a 'working party' of young patrons to help us with ideas, etc, so it's doing what it set out to do - involve the youngsters! :clap:

    Please have a look and give us your comments - you could even follow us on facebook! Just remember it is aimed mainly at the younger generation so no naughty words please! Wrinklies are welcome but only if they don't misbehave! :biggrin:
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    First working party of Fodens Youth Patrons is Sunday 4th July at 7pm at Fodens Bandroom. :bounce
    All youth patrons welcome. Contact me for details.
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    :icon_biggrin: Delighted to be able to tell you that the winner of our Christmas Card competition was ANGHARAD BAINES from Allestree nr Derby! :woo
    The competiton was stiff and there were some really clever designs, but Angharad's design was a bit special, and is now at the printers - we hope to have packs of her Christmas card for sale this week! All proceeds to Fodens Youth if you want to buy some.. :icon_wink:

    Also for sale are our very own Fodens Christmas Chocs! :icon_cheesygrin: Yummy!
  16. super_sop

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    That's great news Fi!
    it's so good to see such a big band doing something for the youth element of the country.
  17. jockinafrock

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    Cheers matey! :D You coming to the Christmas concert on the 12th? You could buy some choccies for Abigail and the missus and get your Chrimbo cards bought...! ;)
  18. super_sop

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    i would have been coming, but that day im outall day, and i mean alllllll day!!!
    caroling with my band 9-5, then out with the skool band in the evening.:frown:
  19. jockinafrock

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    You'll be missed...! ;)
  20. super_sop

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    Awwww, nice of you to say so.... i think!!!!
    i was actually looking forward to it. i had a couple of youngsters to bring with me.
    sorry hun

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