Foden's Solo Competition - Results

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    With competitors from literally across the globe , I'm delighted to say that Saturday's competition was again a complete success! With 182 competitors over 10 sections we had a wonderful time. The inaugural Foden's Youth Band concert in the evening was first class, with the Band looking forward to being part of the Manchester Cathedral concert next week. Thanks to all who supported the day, especially our sponsors Besson and AUDI of Macclesfield, but also to our traders Boobs 'n' Brass, The King's Division, IMAS Music, Lee Morris, Birchfield Music and Glyn Williams Musical Instruments.



    Open Slow Melody:
    Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

    1. Illiam Quane
    2. Sean Peterson
    3. Glenn Birks

    Slow Melody: Age 11 & Under:
    Adjudicator: Les Neish

    1. Holly Clark
    2. Natasha Prescott
    3. Lucas Boylan

    Slow Melody: Age 12-13 years
    Adjudicator: Les Neish

    1. Ben Jarvis
    2. Bethan Brown
    3. Adam Meyer

    Slow Melody: Age 14-16 years
    Adjudicator: Les Neish

    1. Ross Johnson
    2. Sam Brodison
    3. Harry Cunningham

    Open Air Varie:
    Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

    1. Gong Hongliang
    2. Daniel Morgan
    3. Emily Braverman

    Air Varie: Age 16-18 years
    Adjudicator: Les Neish

    1. Illiam Quane
    2. Rory Rolfe
    3. Daniel Morgan

    Air Varie: Under 16
    Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

    1. Vincent Gils
    2. Harry Cunningham
    3. Sam Brodison

    Open Duets:
    Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

    1. Daniel Brooks & Stephen Lomas
    2. Toby Butt & Samantha Minshull
    3. Louise Edgar & Stephen Lomas

    Duets: Under 16
    Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

    1. Catherine Flanders & Sophie Barwick
    2. Alex & Catherine Flanders
    3. William Everitt & Sam de Bruin

    Quartet: Age 16 and under
    Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

    1. Sforzando
    2. Dobcross Youth
    3. The Magnificent Four

    Open Quartet:
    Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

    1. Centenary Quartet
    2. Flixton Four
    3. Stephen, Daniel, Louise, Ben


    Most Promising Player: 11 & under: Julian Bailey
    Most Promising Player: 12-15 - Audi of Macclesfield Bursary: Ellen Quane
    Most Promising Player: 16 & 18 - Besson Bursary: Marlies Pelgroms
    Highest Unplaced First Time Competitor: 11 & under Slow Melody: Evie Thomas
    Most Promising Local Player: Catherine Flanders
    Most Outstanding Performer of the Day: Illiam Quane
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