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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by flugelgal, Feb 5, 2005.

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    Last night I had the pleasure of listening to Fodens in the Market Place Theatre in Armagh, Northern Ireland. After a long drive through nasty traffic and a couple of "detours" (my map isn't detailed enough) I finally made it to the theatre to collect my ticket.

    I really enjoyed this concert - the free programme was a nice touch. There were some fantastic soloists and Richard Evans' jokes went down well (mostly ;)). This is the first time that I've heard Fodens and I was highly impressed.

    The band played a varied programme, including "Hora Staccato", "Holiday for Strings", "Blue Rondo a la Turk" and "Shine as the Light". By far my favourite pieces were "Shine as the Light", "Closest Thing to Crazy" played by Helen Fox and "Irish Blessing".

    All the solos were brilliantly played - but apart from Helen's solo, the ones that impressed me most were the horn solo "On with the Motley" (Martin Armstrong), Rule Brittania (Glynn Williams) [<-- I know I'm a Scot living in Ireland but he played it very well] and the Xylophone solo - not sure what it was called as it was different to the one on the programme (Mark Landon). I was sitting up really high and it was fantastic watching Mark playing from above - in fact the percussion section in general was great to watch during the whole concert.

    If anyone happens to be in the Armagh area today there's a matinee performance at 2pm where Fodens are accompanying some local young players with solos and another concert this evening at 8pm. Go along if you can - I recommend it highly!

    It was very nice to meet Helen and have a little chat with her before my slightly shorter drive home (no
    [font=&quot]getting lost [/font]detours this time).

    Incidentally, in case anyone was at the concert and noticed my shirt, Keppler is not a girl, but I "borrowed" his tMP polo shirt yesterday... :evil:
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    Delph, Saddleworth
    Thanks Kirsty for your nice review of our concert! It was great to meet you too.

    Fodens had a fab time (as usual!) in Armagh and were bowled over by the hospitality. It was a busy weekend of workshops and concerts..........and what a great idea to give a matinee concert of solos by talented young players from Northern Ireland accompanied by Fodens.

    I'm exhausted now...........and I wasn't one of the band who stayed up til 5 or 6am this morning enjoying the hospitality at 1st Old Boys Band Hall! (there were a few green faces this morning at breakfast!)

    Some of the band will be back in Armagh in August for the annual summer school, hopefully we'll all be back next Feb for our 6th visit.

    Love Foxy
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