Fodens Concert & Workshop, Dolgellau, Gwynedd October 2008

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    Members of the famous Fodens Band are to host a Brass band Workshop at Ysgol Y Gader, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales on Saturday 18th October 2008.

    Attendees at the workshop will not only have the chance to be tutored by some of the talented members of Fodens lead by Glyn Williams who himself hails from the local area, but will also have the opportunity to join forces on stage with the full Fodens Band at an evening concert also to be held at the school.

    The afternoon workshop is free of charge to all evening concert ticket holders (£10 for adults and £5 for under 16’s).

    Tickets for concert including booking a place on the workshop can be obtained by contacting Llewela Williams on 01654710498 or Linda Williams on 01654712012 .

    The Workshop will commence promptly at 2pm and conclude at 5pm on Saturday afternoon 18th October. Light refreshments will be provided. Bring your own music stand.
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    The concert starts at 7.30pm.
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    Following on from his award as best soloist at the British Open Brass Band Championship, Glyn Williams is looking forward to "coming home" to Wales and giving something back to all the local bands (some of which helped form his early playing career).

    Book your places now for the workshop and a chance to see the magnificent Open shield at a concert by the current British Open Champions, the famous Fodens Band.

    Tickets for concert including booking a place on the workshop can be obtained by contacting Llewela Williams on 01654710498 or Linda Williams on 01654712012 .
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    When are Fodens coming to Australia?????
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    When somebody invites us and foots the bill........we are an un sponsored band you know!
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    Tickets going very well.......still a few places left on the workshop if you fancy learning how to improve your playing with Glyn Williams, Best Instrumantalist at both the 2008 British Open AND the 2008 National Championships!
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    I'll be there - driving a minibus full of kids from Deiniolen to take part in the workshop and looking forward to the concert!
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    Foden's Workshop/Concert at Dolgellau

    I would just like to say how pleased I was to see so many young/older people attending the workshop with Fodens yesterday. It was a definite success and I know for certain that the youth members of my band thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Is it going to be one for the diary again next year?
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    Aye - I can certainly agree with that - I know our lot thoroughly enjoyed the day, and were greatful for the opportunity to share a stage with the current British Open champions, who were on fine form once again.

    Diolch Glyn, Helen, Aled, and everyone involved in organising the activities.
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    What a fabulous time we all had yesterday!

    The workshop band totalled almost 70 players (young and not so young!) with playing experience from only a month or so to many years. The stage was only just big enough to accommodate us all when joined by some of the Fodens players and I hope everyone enjoyed it all as much as I did. A big thankyou from me personnally to the workshop band for accompanying me so sympathetically in "Orange Juice"!!!

    The concert was a sell out, and Fodens loved every minute of it (apart from the heat maybe?!?!?!?). It is so nice, and easy, to play to an appreciative audience and that's certainly what we had last night.

    Fodens Band members then followed the concert with a "heavy" night at the Royal Ship in Dolgellau where we all stayed over.

    Ahhh well, back to reality now. I'm off to a Marsden Band rehearsal with Glyn for the afternoon in preparation for Pontins next weekend.........good job we enjoy our hobby!

    Thanks again everyone involved yesterday!

    Helen Williams

    PS We started discussing next years workshop and concert last this space!!!!
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