Fodens and the Halle Orchestra

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  1. I was really please to seethed Fodens and the Halle are doing a joint concert. Have any other top bands done concerts with professional orchestras?

    According to 4br their programme is a bit of new and then some classics like resurgam and pines of Rome. I know they'll play these really well, and they are fine pieces which they've played loads but would be new to that orchestral audience. I know it's probably the right strategy, but a bit of me feels like that's playing it safe. What do you think?
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    Hi, Pines of Rome is with the Halle (not just us) and we are playing Resurgam as a solo band. The programme has been chosen by the Halle to tie in with the theme of the concert. Should be a great concert and we are delighted that the Halle have invited us to perform with them at such a prestigious concert where they are expecting a full house
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    I never realised someone (Howard Snell?) had done Pines for orchestra although I can't see the flugal/horn solos at the beginning working as well as the do in the band version. It would be great to see some other 'finishers' from the band world crossover into the orchestral repertoire. Shine as the Light, or some of the Paul-lovit Cooper stuff would work realy well too.
  4. Pens of Rome massed sounds amazing. 4br didn't mention that. Hope it's a great night.
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    Well done Fodens, sounds like a great night. Is there going to be coconut shy ??
  6. Is it being recorded?

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