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    After many years playing baritone i've now decided to change to Flugle. as you can imagine the change in mouthpiece size is prooving a tad difficult. So i need the biggest mouthpiece i can lay my hands on. Ive got a Warburton 1FL, but it needs to be BIGGER. WIDER not deeper.

    any suggestions please??
  2. jd

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    Denis Wick '2fl'.

    Absolutely massive,

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    Defo a denis wick 2, either an f or fl depending on what kind of flugel u have..... one is for european fittings and one for japanese so if u get the wrong one it'll wobble or come out too far. Can't remember which is which but it says on/in the box. Its a proper bucket!!:D
  5. bvincen9

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    Hi there;

    i think the Loud Mouthpiece may well be the answer as i already have the Wick 2FL and an Alliance. ALL TOO SMALL. Not sure about the sizing though , it say's the numer represents the dia ie 17 is 17mm. so i guess the quoted 20 must be 20mm wide ...this should be as big as it gets.

    Thanks for all the reply's ...Merry Christmas to all the Band Folk around the World,.

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    On Flugel now? is there any instrument you haven't played?
  7. to be honest i think 20mm is pushing the boundaries of a flugel mouthpiece a bit far.
    a Wick 2 horn mouthpiece is only 19mm and there are slightly larger alliance and bach ones but still nothing as large as 20mm diameter.
    have you thought about what this would do to your range, stamina etc?
    i dont think that bigger/wider is always necessarily better, especially to such an extreme
  8. rikster

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    Hi All,
    I play on a Wick 2f, but I' be interested in other folks view point, I have found I can get a reasonable sound with this one but the register really suffers, play on the cortouis mouthpiece that came with the instrument and I can get the top A's and above more easily but the sound suffers (as does everybody else!!!). So what should I compromise, Flugel sound or the dreaded top of the scale, and hope somebody else can cover?
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    IMO on flugel sound is everything. You should always use the biggest mouthpiece you can comfortable play on. That said the 2FL is big - I play on one and I have to work hard to maintain my range on it. If I were you I'd spend some time working specifically on your range and stamina and after [say] 6 months if you are still struggling, then consider an mouthpiece change.
  10. MoominDave

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    It sounds like you have no issues with throwing cash at this problem - so why not speak to a custom mouthpiece manufacturer? Find a tenor horn mouthpiece that feels good, and pay them to replicate it, but with a shank that fits your flugel. US manufacturers that do this kind of work (Warburton, Schilke, Hammond, etc.) will charge about £150 for it.

    Will a cornet shank fit a flugel? A Schilke 24, which can be ordered with cornet shank, has an 18.29 mm ID.
  11. bvincen9

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    No, that's it now- i've done every one of them .equaly as bad. so i will soon be on percussion i guess.

  12. bvincen9

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    I wish cash was no problem, but i work in the Auto Industry and its all gone bad. I like the idea though. Basically if JD ( Mr Flugle himself) say's the 2FL is as big enough then "sticking with the Warburton "(which is a bit bigger) is the right thing to do.

    Cheers folks
  13. Mesmerist

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    I too would appreciate mrJD`s advice. My MD has asked me to go to a smaller mouthpiece for the Nationals as he says the sound is "too bassy and big for this piece". I`ve worked my little socks off on my wick 2fl to get that fat sound and the range is upto an E above the stage (though not 100% reliable but its getting there ) so am a little reluctant. He is suggesting a 3 or 4 to get a more "treble sound". What do you think?
  14. flugelgal

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    I would tell him that it sounds like he's looking for a cornet sound! I'm not sure that changing the mouthpiece based on the fact that your MD thinks the sound is wrong for one particular piece is a great idea. Unless the MD was someone who really knew their stuff, and also the person I was going to for lessons, then I wouldn't do it. If you do take lessons then it's something I would talk to the teacher about. It seems very drastic to potentially throw away a lot of work on sound and range just for one piece.
  15. flugman

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    Hi Wendy, I have a selection of Flugel mouthpieces you can try, I will bring them on Wednesday and give to the MD for you. Don't buy anything until you have tried a few. You did have a huge sound last night but it was a great sound :clap: