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  1. debsjg

    debsjg New Member

    If you were going to buy your own flugel, what would it be?
  2. flug_gal

    flug_gal Member

    Well I have Bach Strad. and I love it, though the tuning can be a bit iffy (probably just my playing!) so I'd get a second trigger added.
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  3. TheFopp

    TheFopp Member

    Eclipse with a red brass or even better a copper bell.
  4. pagliacci

    pagliacci Member

    Went through that very decision process around 6 years ago and chose the Stomvi. I wanted a large bore flugel, so that narrowed the field somewhat.

    It's quite a heavy instrument (very solidly built), was quite tricky to get hold of and was in the premium price bracket, but it's a lovely instrument and is a pleasure to play.
  5. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    I have a Conn which I love. It has 2 triggers so with them and some alternative fingering its pretty good on the tuning
  6. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    I don't play flugel very much any more :(, but I do still own a Bach Strad and a Courtois. I used the Bach for a good few years, and it served me very well, however I must say I fell in love with the band Courtois when I was a member of Granite City Brass, and bought one after I moved over here. I love the rich sound. If I had unlimited funds, I might look at a taylor or eclipse, but with normal person's budget I'd again go for a Courtois.

    I'd definitely recommend trying a few instruments out, even if it means travelling around to different places to give them a go - make notes of the things you want, then measure each one against the criteria, and use that to help make your decision. (After all that, go for the one that "felt" right - that's the important thing ;)).

    I hope this helps, rather than confuses!
  7. waynefiler

    waynefiler Member

    I've got a Conn too and I love it bought it in 2006 for big band stuff and now after 3 years of owning it I'm finally playing it at Alder Valley.
  8. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    I've got a bach strad and wouldn't play anything else now. I've played the bands yamaha Debs and the tuning is hard work on it but it does blow nicely for a band instrument. I use a 3Fl mouthpiece with it, I couldnt use a DW B cup mouthpiece as its too shallow for me.
  9. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Kristyann - your emails don't appear to be getting to you... Have PMd you and awaiting response. Thanks.
  10. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member


  11. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Played many, Currently Bach. Love Yamaha. PLayed a Getzen some years ago (Copper). The sweetest flugel sound by far and valves nice and small for quick technique.

    That said, its personal preference I reckon, like mouthpieces. Each to their own. Good Luck!
  12. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    I would choose the one that works best with me on the end of it.

    That happens to be (for me) the Eclipse Copper Bell that I have already got.
  13. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Then I think I was your dep a few weeks ago.:)
  14. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

  15. Valvespring

    Valvespring New Member

    One name not yet mentioned is Taylors. I bought the 'straight' (as opposed to the Phatt) two years ago. It is dark, dusky and sonorous even with me on the end of it!!
  16. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    I have a Bach Strad and I love it, however some people don't like them.
  17. Par10

    Par10 Member

    I had a yammy Maestro and changed it in for an Eclipse with a copper bell, so much better to play and better tuning
  18. malrep

    malrep New Member

    I have recently acquired a new flugel through band - I tried many instruments many times to see what suited me. It may be that you need to do some market research to help you decide the best for you - everyone is different. I went for Bach Strad in the end, really works for me !!
  19. debsjg

    debsjg New Member

    Thanks everybody for your input, as most have said trial and error.

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